FAQ: Answers To All Your Questions About Bid Buddie

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As we promised earlier on that we will provide you with a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of Econet’s Bid Buddie online auction. Well, here are the answers to many of your questions.

How do I set up an on online bidding account?

Go to (the) Bid Buddie registration page for account creation. This can be found and downloaded from Google PlayStore. If you have previously registered you can enter your username and password and proceed with listing and bidding. If this is your first time registering you will be asked to provide personal information and register your Bid Buddie account.

Do I need to register for each auction even though I have an online bidding account already?

There’s no need to register to make a bid or to place an item for bidding provided one has a registered account and has paid monthly subscriptions.

How do I bid?

Each lot in the auction has a clearly marked bidding window. Once you develop an interest in a listed item, simply tap “place bid” and enter the amount which has to be higher than the last bid.

How much should I bid?

It’s entirely up to you, the simplest way is to always indicate your top bid – the amount to which you would bid if you were attending an auction in person. The higher the bid the higher the chances of winning a bid and you are encouraged to place a bid you deem reasonable and that you are capable of honouring.

When does the auction end?

The auction ends at the time indicated in the auction description, generally it runs down the clock from 24 hours to 00.00.00.

What is the automatic bidding extension?

There is an automatic 2-minute bidding extension if a bid is submitted on any lot within the 2 minutes on the bidding clock. These time extensions will continue until there is a 2-minute period during which no bidding takes place on any lot.

What are the bidding increments

Bidding typically begins below estimate and generally advances in the following bid increments.

How do I know the auction is over?

You will see no time left on a clock currently refreshed Bid Buddie. You will also view a statement that the auction bidding is now closed in your notifications and if you win the bid you will be notified through SMS.

I’m the highest bidder. How do I know?

You will be notified through SMS and email of being the winner in the just ended auction.

How do I complete payment for my purchase?

On completion of the auction, payment details and method will be revealed to the winner where one is expected to pay on delivery.

How do I pick up my purchases?

As details will be revealed at the close of the bid the buyer and the seller must agree on delivery terms of the buyer and the seller may agree on bearing the cost of courier.

Can you ship my purchases?

Yes, we contract third parties to deliver upon agreement of choice of delivery method and the costs thereof.