Econet Website Hacked. Exercise Caution When Visiting It

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Techzim this morning discovered that some parts of Econet’s official website were hacked.

The address, which is supposed to show information about Econet’s 4G services, redirects automatically to the page in the picture below. The page is clearly not an Econet website and you are advised to not click anything on it lest you become a victim of whatever shady thing is going on there.

We advised Econet of this and they have taken down the LTE landing page . You can still see it listed when you do a Google search for ‘Econet LTE’ but at least it will lend you on an error page since it was deleted. You will also get an error when you click on the home link from other places on the website for example this page.

If the infection or attack was more widespread, then taking down the page is not enough. Econet must still do a proper diagnosis and fix otherwise users may still be vulnerable to whatever went down this morning.

In the meantime, users of the Econet website are advised to exercise extreme caution for now.

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