Crazy About Stats? Analyze Your WhatsApp Chats With This App

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If you are someone who is obsessed with how you statistically use WhatsApp, then there is this cool app which you must check out.

The app I’m talking about is called WhatsCloud. WhatsCloud deals with satisfying the curiosity of those users who love to explore everything that happens, on WhatsApp, down to the smallest detail.

Deep Dive into WhatsCloud

WhatsCloud’s home screen is nothing less than a tutorial on how it works. By scrolling down the page, you will be instructed on the various steps necessary to reach the intended purpose.

In summary, you will have to open WhatsApp, go into the chat you want to analyze, export it (‘without media’) and then share it with the WhatsCloud app. After that, you will soon face a series of information related to the chosen chat: date of start and end of the conversation, number of messages sent and received, list of the most used words by one and the other and so on. WhatsCloud will also tell you when your conversation (chat) was most active in the last 7 days through a pie chart.

With a tap on the arrow pointing down next to the header (as shown below), a further section of graphs and statistics will open. The graphs give you stats about the number of messages exchanged and they will be compared within a histogram.

Below, you will also find a broader look at the chat, with the data on the total number of messages exchanged in the conversation, the average number of messages sent per day and the most common words used in the chat.

What’s the deal?

WhatsCloud is an app that can be of interest to a niche audience, especially for statistics lovers. The app is downloadable for free from the Play Store. The price of the free version is the insufferable intrusive ads. However, there is an ad-free premium version, which you can get through an in-app purchase.

Download WhatsCloud here


  1. Anonymous

    Like this the app can read all of your chats with your relations.

  2. Albert


    We have several groups with the lots of members that are the same.
    Just differences in the Admins and names.

    Please include a group analyser in your next update.

    Then I’ll definitely go for your application.