‘Correct’ ZESA Load Shedding Schedule Is Same As ‘Fake’ One, 10 Hrs Or More Of No Power Per Day

Tinashe Nyahasha Avatar

Sometimes the way PR is done in Zimbabwe is annoying and silly. ZESA came out guns blazing alleging that the load shedding schedule we published a few days ago was fake news. No one believed them and rightly so…

Now they have published the ‘correct’ load shedding schedule. Not only is it similar to the earlier one, they say neighborhoods could go for up to 10 hours without power per day. They also say, this could be increased if the electricity supply situation continues to decline.

Here is the ‘correct’ schedule:


  1. wokenman

    This business of openly and deliberately lying to the public needs to be dealth with. We need consequences now, it’s getting out of hand.

  2. Pragg

    Yaah its time guys they play us for a long time folding of hands wont help

  3. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Is it similar, or is it the same? You guys are also a funny bunch sometimes. Certainly, if they are the same there’s no need to publish the correct version. I guess there are differences then.

    1. wokenman

      Well the one they published first was Harare only – so there was still need to publish the full one.

      1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

        Nonetheless, the title says that they are the same, but the article says they are similar. Similar implies the existence of differences.

  4. same sh!t

    fcuk zesa and zanu and all zanoids forever !!

  5. Anonymous

    Please their bosses determine who should be switched off not the schedule. The schedule is only to make it look professional. If someone in a high rank lives in a certain area it is excluded and they target another area. This has always been the game. It happens in KweKwe.

  6. Mukanya

    Any parastatal/SEP/Entity whose name commence with letter “Z” are all corrupt ridden to the core.

  7. Dexter

    There is no longer professionalism in Zimbabwe and that is the way the so called zanu is destroying the country and it has now gone to the dogs. They are not ashamed of their mess as long as they are in power at the expense of the economy. Vana vasatan.

  8. Anonymous

    Alibaba only had 40 thieves – Zanupf have at least 40,000

  9. Ernest

    Hi please is their any where you can do this over the
    Radio. I stay in Bluff hill. The load shedding schedule that they sent out on the times they are not keeping it. We old people staying on our complex who need zesa…. they can’t afford petrol or diesel for generators etc…. mabelreign zesa cuts us off for 10 hours day and night. We can go off from 14pm to 22pm. 5am to 22pm. Zesa load shedding schedule say 17pm to 22pm (5hours) and 5am to 10am (5hours). Not ten hours. Also I have done my research and I notices it only our area been load shedded up greencroft. To second street and Harare drive.

  10. Ernest

    I have notice that eastlea area has not been hit with load shedding as I work on that area. I stay in bluff hill. We go off from afternoon 13pm to 22pm (10 Hours) and 6am to 13pm (8 Hours). I notice same other area that I have been not hit. As I talk to my friends Harare.