5 WhatsApp Apps Like GB WhatsApp And WhatsApp Plus

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Even though WhatsApp warned people of the risk of temporarily getting banned for using modded apps like GB WhatsApp, some folks are undeterred-so they are still using these kind of apps.

Modded WhatsApp apps are flooded on the internet and they provide some of the best features which generally lack in the official Whatsapp App. These modded versions of WhatsApp are not safe to use even though they may promise you to provide some great features.

Well if you are a passionate (or foolhardy) modded-WhatsApp user, you might also like the following modded WhatsApp apps that are just like GB WhatsApp


YoWhatsApp comes with a feature that allows you to lock WhatsApp without any 3rd party App Locker. The app also allows you to hide your last seen for a selected number of contacts, something you can’t do with the official WhatsApp app.

Download it here


With FMWhatsApp you can use several numbers at a time. Though it offers low customization in themes but provides other options for a chat. With FMWA you can send a file in with more than 1GB of size and offers more than 30 types of ticks and bubble style.

Download it here


The app features a large number of themes, an increased limit to the number of letters in status and ability to send large sized video and audio file without worry. You are also able to zoom your contact’s profile pictures with OGWhatsApp.

Download it here

GBWhatsApp MiNi

GBWhatsApp Mini is a lightweight WA which can run on low-end Android smartphones with less RAM and CPU power. The App uses pure official Whatsapp Skin although there’s also an option to modify colors and themes. The GBWhatsApp Mini is actually a trimmed down version of the popular GBWhatsApp with all important features included and some not-so-important features excluded.

Download it here

WhatsApp Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo is modified with bubbles in various colours which include Cyan, Grey, Crayon, Pink, and so forth. Among many features associated with other moded WhatsApp apps, WhatsApp Indigo allows you to send files as big as 72mb and send images in their original quality (rather than WhatsApp trimming the quality).

Download it here

Parting words

Modded WhatsApp apps hosts some very good features which you don’t find in the official WhatsApp app. All the Apps above have the same core functionality as an instant messaging app but with added features to make the most use of WhatsApp.

However I don’t support the use of modded apps, so you can only download them at your own discretion.


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  1. Anonymous

    All the new features in the other whatsapps sound awe, especially to send large files without worry

    Instead of separate apps that also TAKE MORE SPEACE, Can’t you maybe just put all those updates in a next update for the original WhatsApp please?

  2. techbrooks.com

    wow, GBwhatsapp seems to me like the best other whatsapp so far. Last week a lot of whatsapp users were blocked. This post is really helpful. Thanks for taking out time to write on it.