ZOL Now Giving Their Roku Box For Free

Garikai Dzoma Avatar

When ZOL hiked their internet prices they also mentioned the fact that they would be giving out their Roku Powered Kwese Play Box to qualifying customers for free together with 12 months iFlix.

Well today is 1 April, and no this is not one of those cliche April Fools jokes. Starting today if you are an unlimited home account customer you can visit your nearest ZOL retailer and claim your free box. Please note this offer does not apply to Business Customers with unlimited packages nor does it apply to those with capped home packages.

Kwese Play Box Unboxing

My colleague has done an unboxing of this box

My colleague was obviously impressed during this unboxing. I am the skeptical one. I am going to take this box for a spin and sometime towards the end of the week I am going to come back with my review.


  1. Kilotango

    even free, these things are still a waste of time. Kwese have handicapped it so badly, thats its literally useless if you’re not paying for Kwese TV. unless you like youtube or as a limited media player of course.

  2. Anonymous

    whats the difference between unlimited and uncapped, i think you got it wrong.

  3. ummm ! eh ah ok !

    I was just thinking the same thing, exactly what is the difference between “unlimited home account customer” and “uncapped home packages”? and why cant those with “uncapped home packages” get a free Roku?

  4. kaySIMMZpix

    I got the free roku device from zol and it is failing to give me the TV code to activate. Honestly a new item straight out of the box and I am already calling customer care and support. If you select zimbabwe or any other country you get a error but South africa gives you the tv code. I tried using the S.A TV code it didn’t activate. Called the kwese guys they said they will fix in 24-72 hours. It’s a good thing the decoder is free if i had paid was going to ask for a refund straight away

  5. Dudley

    I advise pple if you want a TV box just get an Apple TV and you wont be bothered by all these funny activation/locked/limited use streaming boxes