YouTube Finally Lets Users Outside Of The US Multitask While Watching Videos

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Picture in Picture mode is pretty convenient and if you’ve used it in apps such as Netflix, WhatsApp you will know how neccesary it is for YouTube to add the feature.

Picture in Picture is a special type of multi-window mode mostly used for video playback. It lets the user watch a video in a small window pinned to a corner of the screen while navigating between apps or browsing content on the main screen.

By that description that should make for some great multitasking. PiP on YouTube was a feature saved for premium subscribers and to make matter worse, premium users in the US. That’s all changing and the feature is finally being made available to users outside of the US. Italian users to be specific.

If the rollout is global, soon users will be able to watch videos in the background and switch to other apps. You can stream a YouTube video in PiP mode by pressing the Home button or executing the Home gesture after it starts playing.

Unfortunately, the feature is only available to Android users on Android 8 and above which is not a lot of people.