What Happened To Elevate’s Yo Mix App?

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Around the midway point of last month we got a tip that Elevate would be taken down temporarily and Econet sent messages to Elevate staffers informing them of what it is they needed to say to those who were asking what was up with the platforms.

It’s been a few weeks now and what seemed like a temporary shutdow has really become a much more significant disruption and it seems Elevate rather than being down and getting fixed, has been intentionally and indefinitely shut down.

I say it seems because the official communication has remained the same since the day the Elevate plug was pulled, both Elevate and Econet Twitter responses when asked about the youth-centric service:

Hi there Elevator. YoMix App is temporarily offline for an upgrade. We will advise you once the service is restored. In the meantime, kindly buy airtime, data, and other bundles via USSD by dialling *143#. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Elavate Twitter

One would’ve thought that the temporary offline downtime would be complete by now but alas, Yo Mix users have to buy data at simply outrageous costs like every other normal person. Trust me that’s quite irritating if you had gotten accustomed to buying cheaper data and not having to be tied down by ridiculously priced bundles.

We reached out to Econet reps to fully understand what is going on with the platform but unfortunately they are yet to respond at the time of writing. What most users have been dreading is that this upgrade that Econet and Elevate staffers keep referring to will in fact be a downgrade.

What do I mean? Well, with the recent increase in tariffs that Econet and other network providers announced it is looking less and less likely that Yo Mix will come back offering the same enticing value it did. Instead customers expect it to actually offer less value than it did before and a number of tweets have expressed this fear:


At this point I don’t think it would be fair for Econet and Elevate to continue giving the same non-commital answers they have given in regards to this service. If Econet can’t disclose what’s at fault the least they could do is explain when the work on the upgrade will be done. For the sake of the paying customers…


  1. Adrian Chitema

    Why is it that we are buying airtime and it’s not reflecting

  2. Gava

    We have since dumped them. Personally l had not used more than 5 dollars on econet in the last 5 years especially on data until the elevate days Sorry econet l have since gone back to #OneFusion and it’s great. Speed is super

  3. Anonymous

    Packages gone as well.. No $1 for 10 mins