We Asked, You Answered; Why You Should Use WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp Plus & WhatsApp Gold

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

I have never found modified versions of WhatsApp that appealing if we’re being totally honest. One reason why I never even gave them a chance is because the last time WhatsApp cracked down on these they proceeded to temporarily ban users who had been using them.

As time moved, the modded versions of WhatsApp got popular once again and user numbers increased but it still didn’t make that much sense to me and considering everyone in our team can’t be bothered to play around with these we proceeded to ask you.

What quickly became clear to me is that users love modded versions of WhatsApp because of the customisations it offers and some of these include:

Expanded notifications

The modded versions of WhatsApp allow users to get notified whenever specific people (of the users choice) go online. That’s pretty useful if someone who owes you money keeps going online but ignoring your message but it also seems like something that would be used to stalk people.

The expanded notifications also allow you to get notified whenever someone views your status. Most of us have had an incident where we put a status for one particular person and we would like to know if they’ve seen it. If that description fits you then maybe you might want to check out these modified WhatsApp variants.

These are things you can’t do with the normal version of WhatsApp but it does make sense because one can only imagine the hit on battery life that comes from getting notified every single time someone goes online.

Hiding out

Another reason mentioned as to why many of you prefer the likes of WhatsApp Plus is because you have control over what your last seen looks like. What this allows you to do is to change your last seen to a date of your preference. You could be online whilst your WhatsApp is saying you were last online 14 weeks ago. Whilst many have jokingly said this is a good feature for you to evade people you owe money, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is exactly what this kind of feature is used for.

Now obviously some users might have less sinister use cases for the feature and application but WhatsApp Plus, GB and Gold have been referred to as the go to versions of WhatsApp for cheaters and I now understand why. There are a lot of shady and snoopy features and though you may use the applications simply because you like the other customisations on offer people will be looking at you sideways once they realise you use these versions of WhatsApp.

Password protection

This is one of the cooler additions that isn’t in the realm of lying. Modded versions of WhatsApp allow you to password protect the application which means you can give someone your phone and you can rest assured they won’t be going through your chats.

This feature is fast becoming redundant however since the normal and boring version of WhatsApp is adding support for it. On iOS users can already password protect their chats using either Touch/Face ID which makes it quite smooth. On Android, the feature is said to be coming soon.

Customizing appearance

Modded variants of WhatsApp also allow you to edit the appearance of WhatsApp. So whilst us “normal WhatsApp” users have been rejoicing over the announcement of a dark mode coming to WhatsApp, the guys using moded versions of WhatsApp have been able to create their own dark mode for a number of years now.

They can also customize fonts and other elements of their WhatsApp and make it look like this:

More utility

Modded versions of WhatsApp also offer more utility than users of the normal messenger would know;

  • Media files sent can be over 16 MB
  • A more advanced file compression system (not sure how exactly that works)
  • Send more than the 30 files at a time limit set on normal WhatsApp

Not so simple…

The pattern that’s quickly emerging is that modded versions of WhatsApp allow you to do more than the normal version but if it was as simple as these versions just offering more, then why don’t we all just migrate and use these special WhatsApp apps?

Well, it’s actually not simple at all. We explored the reasons why you shouldn’t be so eager to use these apps before and some of these reasons included the following:

  • Developers of these apps can’t be held accountable so they might install code that makes the app look at your messages without your knowledge.
  • The apps aren’t available on the Google Play Store which could mean they have some malware. The store has screening tests to protect users.
  • At any point, WhatsApp could start banning users who are using these counterfeit apps and punish them with temporary bans as they did last month.

At the end of the day you have to weigh the pros and cons before choosing if you want to use these apps. Personally, I could care less about the features on offer and I’ll stick to the official WhatsApp…



  1. Ian

    What I have noted is that If your phone gets stolen, that’s when you’ll see the loophole. For instance, if you buy a new phone and install Whatsapp (modded or not), your Whatsapp (modded) on your stolen device will not log out and will continue to operate as normal. Its like you’ll be having a clone of your Whatsapp which will continue to receive messages as usual. Not good for security.

  2. Veryson

    Modem WhatsApp GB is somewhere somehow insecure to use . It’s prone to cyber attack (hacking).

    I do recommend GB WhatsApp to ensure a strong end to end inscription like the one of the official WhatsApp. Also they are not durable though advanced in features.

    By improving these as few ,it will be better