Tinashe, The 10 Year Old Who Wants To Build Video Games

Tinashe Nyahasha Avatar

I met Tinashe’s parents, the Chasi’s a couple of weeks ago. They are amazing people in their own right. They run a non profit called Global Aid Missions. Part of their work is running a free clinic for individuals with albinism. They also distribute the all essential sunscreen lotions and other stuff. Amazing folks.

We were meeting because I wanted to understand more about their work so I could see how I could support what they do and how our business can also be involved.


I found it incredible that they started their work in the albinism community 10 years ago and months later, their first child with albinism, Tinashe was born and then a second one, Talya. They started doing this before they knew they were going to have kids with albinism. Call that what you will.


So the father casually mentioned that Tinashe’s dream job is to build interactive video games. I stopped him right there and wanted to meet the guy. What 10 year old has such a specific career choice??

Let me throw in a video of my interaction with Tinashe, his little sis and older bro then I’ll pick up my story:

A new African

Sadly as Africans, we have been largely consumers of technology and not creators and developers of it much. We need more and more Africans who want to create and build stuff. The world now belongs to creators and makers and not the so called white collar guys anymore.

Tinashe is one such African with a different mindset. He enjoys video games and he didn’t limit himself to being a perpetual consumer of such. He wants to create his own! Those are the jobs of the future and I’m excited for him.

Did you notice how Tinashe already thinks like a creator? He says he plays a lot of video games and likes different aspects of them so he’s gonna build one that combines those different aspects. Wow! That’s the creative process right there.

The video game industry is worth several billions right now and it’s growing every year. There is great room for Tinashe Chasi to build a successful and rewarding career there.

The stuff that doesn’t matter

So I thought I would tale this opportunity to mention this. If you are to share this story, share it because there is this cool kid who has a very specific dream and is an inspiration. Let it not be about his condition of albinism.

I myself have albinism (and I’m also called Tinashe). I have always hated how every one of my achievements (and sometimes failures) have been interpreted through the lenses of my condition. The story becomes about how I have beat the odds… What odds?

Most of the times, this is actually well intended. However, it is condescending all the same. Tinashe Chasi is an inspired and brilliant little boy and his sister Talya is a confident little girl, period.

Building on Tinashe’s dream

So Tinashe’s parents want to convert some storage space at the back of the Global Aid Missions Free Clinic into a gaming room for Tinashe and other kids they interact with through their work. I absolutely love the idea.

They may need your support to make this possible. If you have computer equipment or consoles or actual games please get in touch with them at admin@globalaidmissions.org and let’s see how we can build this out. They are also gonna need good internet connectivity and someone could help with that.

Other stuff could include assistance in teaching the kids how to code perhaps. I’m excited about the possibilities. Thanks Tinashe for the inspiration.