Opera Launches The First Desktop Browser With A Built-in Cryptowallet

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Opera has launched Opera 60 desktop browser, codenamed Reborn 3, with Web 3 support, cryptowallet, VPN, and ad blocker. As Opera rightly put it in its blog post, Web 3 is an umbrella term for a bunch of technologies including blockchain and cryptocurrencies that will help to achieve a decentralized internet.

Essentially, Opera’s Reborn 3 wants to take your desktop browsing to a new level by introducing features which includes Web 3 support and a crypto-wallet, allowing you to browse and access applications on the Ethereum blockchain also known as Decentralized Apps (Dapps).

Speaking of wallets, one of the more innovative features in it has come up with is the clever syncing of the crypto wallet in its Reborn 3 browser with the one in its mobile browser for Android, ensuring that wallet keys never leave users’ smartphones. Thus, whenever users need to identify themselves to a Web 3.0. website, or sign a transaction on the blockchain, they get a notification on their smartphone. Users can then confirm their identity to access the wallet.

Other features

Other features include a built-in VPN for privacy and ad blocker for faster browsing, the ability to send what you are browsing on your PC to your mobile device using the “Send to My Flow” feature, screenshot a website, and messenger integration in the sidebar for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Watch how the browser works:

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