New MegaBoost Vs New OneFusion: MegaBoost Still Offers A Better Deal

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
WhatsApp-Bundles, in out bundle browsing price

Since Telecel revised down its data allocations to it bundles, I figured you’d need to weigh who is offering the best deal between Telecel’s MegaBoost and Netone’s OneFusion. The table below shows a comparison between the RTGS $10 and RTGS $20 packages of the two products. Choose for yourself who to ditch and who to run to.

ServiceOneFusion $10MegaBoost $10/OneFusion $20MegaBoost $20
On net minutes1530/2560
Off net minutes415/1040
Data180 MB100MB/400MB150MB
WhatsApp 90 MB150MB/160MB200MB

As you can see for yourself, MegaBoost offers much more than OneFusion on all services, save for the ‘Data’ service only. What MegaBoost lacks in Data, it makes up for it by giving you Facebook data bundles which you don’t find in OneFusion. Seems like MegaBoost still has the better deal.

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  1. wio

    Isu in rural areas we have no option but hang on netone. Telecel network doesn’t work .

  2. Dr Sims

    No need for a rocket scientist, the choice is crystal clear!

  3. Emman

    Megaboost is way better , switching to Telecel.