Netone Significantly Revise Down Voice And Data Bundles

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
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It’s so unfortunate that Netone users are going to end the day knowing that from tomorrow (the 25th of April) almost all of the packages that made them enjoy the services of Zim’s second largest Mobile Network will be revised downwards- the perks will be significantly reduced.

For instance, a dollar’s worth of weekly bundles has been trimmed from 75 megabytes to 36 megabytes, there will no longer be the $5 One-fusion package etc. Check out the latest packages for many of its services:


  1. David Davie

    $10 one fusion Lite 5sms. Yaa

  2. BushMaster

    Turns out the expensive data survey was correct then.

  3. Vince

    Am removing my netone line. See you later netone….

  4. Anonymous

    Goodbye net1

  5. Anonymous

    Its true that data survey is correct, Net One have just confirmed it

  6. Anonymous

    So as a gvt supported institution, you hhav finally admitted that prizes are risris day in and day out but still not wwillin to pay gvt workers. Thanks for your hard of heart

  7. Anonymous

    Its better to sale my line because its just getting started

  8. Anonymous

    see you next time netone