Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Now On Social Media- Watch The Minister’s Introductory Message

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

In the spirit of wanting to take criticism and suggestions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to open a Twitter account, according to Minister Sibusiso Moyo. In Zimbabwe, there is now a habit of people or organisations denying certain Twitter accounts when they are facing a backlash. But the good thing is that, the Minister of Foreign Affairs himself actually made a video confirming that his Ministry owns the Twitter account. Here’s the video:

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  1. Becky.K

    …When we read an article we expect….full information not just 9 lines….I did not come to watch a video…I opened this that I can read an ‘article’….Yes you can add a video but we also need your thoughts on the statement made in the video…..Just throwing a video is not enough….
    Challenge my thinking….by criticizing the video… applauding if it needs to be applauded….Then I can have the energy to press and watch a video… without actually consuming my data and regretting it….I’m looking forward to ur next article…thank u