Folks On Social Media Are Shocked and Amused By President Mnangwagwa’s Remarks About The RTGS Currency

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Folks on social media are in a state of bemusement and amusement regarding the weird remarks the President made yesterday. The president was talking about the donation Zimbabwe received from the United States and according to some people, he seemed like he was making fun of the RTGS currency. People interpreted President Mnangagwa as if he was admitting that RTGS dollars are a dubious currency whilst the US dollars is the real money. Watch this video below:

As translated by Pindula from Shona to English, the President was saying:

The really exciting thing is the Trump story. Do you know Trump? He’s the president of America. The ones that have sanctions on us. Yesterday, he sent his ambassador. He came with 2.5 million. (laughs excitedly) 2.5 million of American dollars, not these RTGS$, no. USD Dollars! Real USD Dollars.

2.5 million and they said, “Here’s some help, but if you have other needs, we have a station in South Africa and we can give you more. The only issue is you should tell us what you need.”

This is the only problem we have, we just have to tell them what we need from Trump. (laughs) Things change (laughs). When some things go bad, it may cause other things to become good.

Here’s how people on Twitter reacted