Econet Removes Twitter Data From WhatsApp Bundles According To Their Twitter Support

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Econet’s bundles have gotten less appealing overnight as there were some adjustments made by the mobile network operator. Unfortunately the adjustments were made silently and it now appears as if Econet is trying to pull a fast one on its customers. If we are to believe the company’s Twitter account.

This issue came to my attention after I saw an interaction between Econet and a friend of mine. He simply asked if the WhatsApp bundle still came with Twitter as he was having a hard time using the Twitter data which is normally part of the bundles. This is the response he got:

Hey Mukudzei! The combo package is not available for purchase at the moment. ^WS

Econet Customer Care Twitter Account

Weirdly enough, depending on who is manning that Twitter account at what time, subscribers are getting different responses, with some being prompted to check their inbox for the response whilst others are informed that the issue is being addressed.

The most unfortunate bit in all of this is that when you dial *143# and go to buy the bundles, Twitter is still included as part of the WhatsApp packages. So if you’re buying those bundles with a view to use Twitter you’re informed that there is Twitter data whilst the reality you’ll face after you’ve made the purchase is very different.

The Twitter data is still listed as part of the combo package

On testing the bundles a day later (11/04/2019) the twitter component is working. It’s not clear whether it was just a network problem or the bundle had been changed but is now restored.

If it was just a network problem then Econet should make sure their social media responders are well informed at all times. As far as all of us are concerned, their word is the official Econet position.


  1. Anonymous

    Even the 2GB Daily Data Bundle

  2. Anonymous

    so some are coming with it some without, how is that possible. i can confidently say i am actually using twitter with a whatsapp combo bundle as of today 9/4/2019 though it is not displaying images like it always does.