Cyclone Idai: Vaya Tractors And Trucks Clearing Roads And Distributing Food In Chaimanimani

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Everyone who has been to Chimanimani and Chipinge in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai is describing how dire and heart wrenching the situation is. A lot of help is still needed and will be needed for quite some time. Let’s not move on along with the news cycle, let’s keep the momentum and resources flowing.

Cassava has been doing it’s fair bit. Vaya has mobilised trucks, lorries and tractors to the area. They are distributing food and clearing roads. Here are some pictures:

Just to give context on how much damage has been done, below is a video showing what used to be a homestead. Don’t worry there are no horrific images of people. It’s just showing how what used to be a homestead was completely leveled by boulders:


  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Good publicity for Vaya, but almost no publicity for the tractor/truck owner. I guess they still get paid either way.

  2. eders

    Who is VAYA?