Avengers Endgame Tickets Sold Out At SK Sam Levy!

Edwin Chabuka Avatar

Avengers Endgame is the most anticipated movie of 2019 picking up from the brilliant cliffhanger left in Avengers Infinity War. Our very own Sterkinekor announced availability of tickets today.

As of the time of writing Sterkinekor Sam Levy is fresh out of tickets to the heavily anticipated movie. SK105 is 45% sold and SK Bulawayo is 42% sold. Mind you this is less than 24 hours after they announced pricing.

The movie will be premiering on Thursday 25 April, a whole day before it is screened in the US. Interesting enough 7 marvel movies have raked in over 1 billon dollars within the first weeks of screening. Maybe this one might hit the 2 billion dollar mark in less than a month.

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  1. Anonymous

    been waiting for this movie, supporting our Gurira as well.