4 Reason Why You Should Keep Your Apps Updated

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Without the apps, smartphones would probably be not so integral in our lives. Developers are working day and night to improve the apps so the users can have an amazing experience. In order to get the latest version of the app, you need to update it. But, the question is: why are the updates so important?

For starters, updating does not require too much of your time or your effort. It is a straightforward process. Just open the app store on your device, and find the update button. Even though it is all pretty simple, many users don’t pay too much attention to it.

However, without the updates, the apps you have won’t work as smooth as they should, and your entire device may become frustratingly slow. In some common instances, your beloved phone will start having problems such as randomly restarting and its apps will constantly crash.

So it’s is essential to understand the importance of app updates. Without further ado, let’s see the reasons why you should always update your phone.

Updates improve the security

Let’s start with probably the most important reason: updates improve the security of your device. If some apps on your device are out of date, hackers can get around the obsolete software of your phone steal your data. But not just that. They can also send fake messages on your behalf, get the access to your emails and documents, or use your payment accounts.

Bug fixes

What often happens is that many users report the same problem with an app. For instance, the app crashes when you click its menu button. Once this problem is reported to the app developers, they will find a solution and they will introduce an app update.

As soon as you update the app or device, you will notice the issue is gone and it will start to work perfectly fine. So, if you noticed some bug with one of your favorite apps, ask yourself do you have the latest version? Head to the app store and check for an update. If it is available, update your device and get rid of the bug/problem with such ease.

Better Performance

Outdated apps are sluggish. They run super slow and we can all agree it is really annoying. In addition to this, they can affect your entire device and slow it down. If you notice that your device is running slow, or slower than usual, now it is a good time to see if some of the apps need to be updated.

NB: In case you have too many apps on your phone, keep the ones you use only. Uninstall the rest. These will just use the space on your phone and will slow it down. Then, update the ones you use daily. You will notice the difference in the phone’s performance instantly.

New Features

Finally, updates bring new features. Do you remember WhatsApp in the beginning? It had a few features and functions than these days. Over the years the app brought so many exciting new features through updates. Now there are WhatsApp stories filters, voice, and video calling and so on.

This is the case with many other popular apps like Instagram. In terms of features, you can also expect improved security. For instance, on Instagram, you can now enable 2Factor Aunthentication .

Now you have the big picture as I have listed 4 reasons to keep your apps up to date. No matter which smartphone you have, head to its app store and update the apps for better performance, security, and new features.




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    I will rather tell the truth and say, there is only one reason you should really update your app. The app is NEVER 100% efficient, so be prepared to always meet with problems.