ZB Bank Is Going To Host A Financial Literacy Workshop For Kids

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

The art of managing finance should be imparted at a very young age so that it becomes a growing habit. That’s what ZB Bank will be doing at a Financial Literacy Workshop that’s meant to teach the youngsters aged between 10 and 17 years.

ZB Bank’s Financial Literacy Workshop is part and parcel of the Global Money Week campaign that many local banks are heavily involved in. The campaign, which is held yearly in March seeks to raise awareness about financial management for the youth world over.

Teaching children about money is easily forgone by some parents. But if you want your children to know how to successfully manage their money when they get older, taking the time now will be worth it. Give them the chance to learn about piggy bank, budget, credit etc.

How much is the Workshop?

Its going for 5$ RTGS Dollars to attend the workshop. Also by paying $5 your child will automatically have a ZB Bank account.

When is the Workshop?

The workshop is tomorrow, 30 March 2019.

For more info

Contact Lucy at 0718 473 642 to get more info about the time and location of the workshop.


  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    It’s a commendable effort. The first lesson they should teach is not to keep your money in a bank πŸ˜‰

  2. Banking idiot

    If the kids can learn that lesson, they’ll be 10 times better than meπŸ˜…

  3. dylandzvene

    this is good for the nation. This is to get more young entrepreneurs from zimbabwe.
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