World Remit Does Right Thing & More After Initially Refusing To Remit Cyclone Donations

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A storm was brewing for World Remit after they initially declined to remit donations raised by a Zimbabwean to victims of the Cyclone Idai victims free of charge. The response on social media was quite interesting as a number of people expressed their shock and some even went a step ahead pledging never again to use WorldRemit.

If there’s one thing that companies love nearly as much as making profits, it’s good PR. This prompted one of the executives to reconsider their position and as my colleague initiallyĀ suggested the remittance company has decided to remit the $23 000+ that had been raised free of charge. The company has gone a step further and will be also contributing $25 000 of their own funds to Red Cross in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Of course, this will go a long way in helping the victims of the recent natural disaster and this gesture should be enough to sway the people who had made an oath to never use the service again and maybe even a few people who weren’t using it all along.


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  1. Ken Girtz

    Consumer power effectively exercised on social media. Well done everyone, including WorldRemit. All business exists to serve its customers. Thank you Freeman.