Video: More Footage Of Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone In Action

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Foldable phones are the cutting edge of smartphone trends right now but only a few smartphone makers have managed to cash in on the trend since making these devices is no walk in the park.

This ain’t no notch that your design team can just slap on their device and go to sleep. Right now there are two high-profile manufacturers who’ve announced their foldables; Huawei with the Mate X and Samsung with the Galaxy Fold.

There are some other guys like Flex Royole but no one is really paying attention to them and a few months ago we knew that Xiaomi was working on their own foldable after a video of it surfaced on the internet.

Xiaomi has now uploaded a follow up video and this time it’s much more brief than what we initially saw:

From the newly surfaced video, it’s clear that one of the main differentiators between this and the devices announced thus far is that the Xiaomi device can be folded on both sides.

Gesture nav…

It’s also clear there will be some gesture navigation which is quite different from anything being offered by Xiaomi right now. On the home screen there are also zero navigation buttons which means you’ll probably be using gestures on this one.

Less bezels

The last difference I could see between this and the Galaxy Fold/Mate X is that when it’s folded there are no side bezels on the display whatsoever.

Rough around the edges

Obviously this is preproduction software but I couldn’t help but notice how slowly the phone transitioned to realign its apps once it had been folded. This will probably be ironed out by the time gets to consumers hands.

What do you think about the footage we’ve seen of this Xiaomi device thus far? Is it any better than what Samsung and Huawei have come up with?

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