Picture: Remember When A SIM Card Was 400% More Expensive Than A Nokia 3310.

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True sad story: a neighbor of mine bought a SIM card at these exorbitant prices on a Thursday after saving up over several months. The following Monday, suddenly the market was flooded with SIM cards and they were selling at 2 bucks.

To younger guys who may not know: a lot of people bought mobile handsets first and saved up to buy SIM cards. Still, they were not guaranteed to get them, one had to apply and the networks could take months before they made a batch available. Lots of people had to buy SIM cards on the black market!



    That was actually a very crazy short period of time. Diamonds where being sold at chiadzwa for a $100 USD an ordinary kango cup full, lines where being sold at 200 USD and I had a friend named Kudzi who was making $17 000 USD a week. It was an insane period of time just before official dolarization. Kudzi if you are reading this, screw you you glorious fool!!! HAHAHAHA

  2. Tinashe Nyahasha

    I didn’t know diamonds were so cheap!

    Takapotsa mari!

  3. Kuda

    Takapotsa cash Tinashe. Inini I remember this guy who had plastic rechingwa full of emaralds and diamonds. He said he wanted $300 for the whole thing. I was in high school back then, had no clue what the bastard was talking about.

  4. Steve

    so where is the bastard today