Internet Speed Challenge, How Fast Is Yours And What’s Enough

Garikai Dzoma Avatar

When I lie asleep at night I often dream of my internet. I dream that I live somewhere in North America where internet is cheap and I have a 1 Gbps symmetrical line. The comedown comes when I wake up to the sound of our annoying house bird and realise I somewhere in my beloved country.

To be fair my Wibroniks is quite awesome, it is what I have dreamt of for years. On good days I can watch MKBHD and other Youtube videos in 4K, just as God intended. The connection chews through 1080P like it’s silk no matter the time of day. But a 1 Gbps fibre connection it is not.

I first went online using my own money back in 2008. This was a dial-up connection made via analogue phone lines up from the dark caves of Nyanga. The result was a pathetic 25.4 kbps and you actually had to wait for the Google logo to load.

Then I used to dream of a 1 Mbps internet connection. Years later I got one and discovered I needed more. A 2 Mbps connection was all I needed. That would allow me to play YouTube movies in SD with no buffering issues. Hey, that was before VP9 okay?

When it happened I wanted a 3 Mbps just like it said on Netflix, so I could watch 1080p more consistently you know. That lasted for like two months when I suddenly got it into my head that I needed a 5 Mpbs connection so I could watch live streams in HD on uHuruTV and Facebook .

Long story, ZOL happened and I skipped all the way to 15 Mbps. I am loving it but I kind of realise its not enough. My kids want to watch Peppa Pig in HD while I am working and sometimes we have a problem.

How fast is enough?

Which leaves me to wonder, am I normal? Do all people go through the same cycles of excitement/urgent need, satisfaction and before quickly going back to longing?

How fast is mine?

It’s this fast

Now that I have shown you mine show me yours. It’s only fair you show me yours and while at it tell me: How fast is fast enough for you?


  1. Thabani

    Yep.i am addicted to fast internet. But with telone we have to bear with the 1 mbps link

  2. Edwin Chabuka

    Just did mine on NetOne. Download speed is 18Mbps and upload is 24Mbps. My highest ever was 34Mbps download and 28Mbps upload. Quite a good performance but the amount of data speed tests use is quite much

  3. janie

    Speed v. cost… the eternal dilemma….

  4. janie

    Actually, speed v. cost v. reliability v. trustworthiness of ISP… who will promise the earth… but ‘deliver’?? My ZOL claims to be ‘uncapped’ which it might be in terms of data… but speed… well, a different story! ISP’s are the same as estate agents and used car dealers imho…

  5. Dudley

    I have learnt to live with plenty and withkut, as the words of Paul. TelOne does the most at times on ADSL. Mine 8 mb down on a good day and 0.5mb up

  6. Peter George Raeth

    Every time I read something like this I cringe. Speed is only one factor to consider. There is also capacity, reliability, signal strength, and signal quality. Cost is another factor so you can make a cost/benefit analysis. I am sure there are other factors as you dig deeper. Do not just go by speed.

  7. Mike

    Guys, Romania has the cheapest and fastest internet, with 10 usd, you have 1 gbs download speed and unlimited.