Stop Being Fleeced Here Is How You Can Pay For DSTV Cheaply

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DSTV bond notes payments

We can all agree that paying for DSTV is quite a hustle these days. The only bank that I know that was accepting bollars/zollars was Nedbank, but even they have since stopped. I guess after the Honourable Minister of Finance ordered banks to separate steak from the offals no one is buying the whole one as to one nonsense.

What this means is that if you want to pay your DSTV subscription you either have to rely on relatives and friends in the diaspora who can easily still do payments or you can do it yourself the hard way. This involves you having to bow before “agents” who often ask for eye watering amounts in bond/Ecocash/RTGS in order for them to pay up your account.

The more traditional route is you hunt for the actual USD or foreign currency equivalent, go to a bank or agent and make the payment. Most banks will take a commission of $4 or more dollars every time you do this. Which hardly seems fair if all you want to do is pay for cheap packages like DSTV lite. In which case $4 is actually a whooping 58% in commission!

Here is how you can pay much more cheaply

Tap/Click on Make Payment

The bad news is that you still have to find the actual USD and how you do that is your business. Once you have the money instead of heading to some blood sucking agent you can actually deposit the money into either the FBC Prepaid MasterCard Account/Steward Visa/BancABC Visa. I use the FBC Prepaid MasterCard so all references from here will be made to it although I have every confidence all the other cards will work.

  1. When the money has bee deposited into your account head on to the Eazy DSTV page
  2. Login/Create an account. If you already have a DSTV Connect account use this
  3. Click/Tap on the make payment button
  4. Tap/Click on view balance and pay button
  5. Scroll down and enter the amount you want to pay and tap/click on pay
  6. Select PayU Visa/MasterCard as the payment option. It is the only option available to Zimbabweans
  7. Tap/Click on next and you will be redirected to the PayU website
  8. Enter your card details and click on the pay button
  9. PayU uses 3-D technology so you will be asked to enter a One Time Password (OTP) that will be send to your phone by your card provider e.g. FBC. Enter your OTP after you receive it.
  10. You will be redirected back to the Eazy DSTV website with a payment successful message
  11. Save your payment information including receipt number in case of queries

Normally at this stage if your decoder is on and your subscription had expired you will be immediately reconnected. If the E16 error does not clear automatically ensure you are watching a channel in your bouquet. Then go to the Eazy DSTV site and choose clear errors, select E16 and click/tap on clear.

You can also use the website to choose your own bouquet and complete the payment. You will immediately be upgraded once you complete payment. The cost for doing the payment is less than a dollar using the FBC MasterCard. I am not sure of the exact cost on the other cards I mentioned above but I can assure you they are not as exorbitant compared to what the “agents” are demanding plus you can make the payment in the comfort of your own home.


  1. ptfl

    is this available for all banks?
    do i need a fca or nostro

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      The method outlines here requires Visa/MasterCard

  2. Tendai

    Does this work for SA accounts as well?

  3. Van Lee Chigwada

    By cheaply,,,,you mean you have to buy USD from money changers at a rate of over $250 bond to 100 USD? Then go to the bank?
    So what you are saying is this is somehow easier than buying USD from whoever will sell it to you?

    Your logic is astounding.

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Seems counterintuitive taking your USD to the bank but it’s actually kinda of worth it. The Lite Account would end up costing you $7.50 instead of $11 using my payment method. That’s $3.50 cheaper by any logic even my astounding one! Stop pinning for the days when USD were flowing all over. Those days are long gone my friend.

      1. Van Lee Chigwada

        So, you mean this article is about saving $4? But, let me get something. To save $4 you have to open a bank account with a bank that has a Visa or Mastercard that supports international payments?

        Cause banks like CBZ and CABS don’t have that.
        So, to save $4 to pay for DSTV, I must open a new bank account, then, take the money I have, buy USD, then ….. okay. Your logic still beats me.

        1. Garikai Dzoma

          Opening a prepaid visa or MasterCard account is a lot faster than going to an agent. You should really try friend.

          1. Van Lee Chigwada

            I don’t watch or own a tv, I just checked the article cause I thought my brother would use it

            But it wont help him. He’s a civil servant and taking half his salary to go buy USD to pay DSTV would be dumb.

            1. Garikai Dzoma

              Yeah I know the finding USB part kind of sucks. Have you looked into Kwese entertainment

              1. Garetg

                Kwese is a bit low these days, most channels are closed.

    2. martin machiwinze

      The benefits of using this method are:

      1) you are charged less for than the 4$ being charged by agents
      2) you can transact in the comfort of your home.

      1. Grand Master

        I agree the benefits are worth it. I am now a better informed consumer.

    3. Doc

      It’s still cheaper because for the bank option you still need the same USD and they want some more to pay their commission. So I believe it’s logical to say cheaper.

  4. Anonymous

    Paid mine using Steward Bank Mastercard last night and if you have USD it’s worth it than going to Agents or Banks because 4 bucks is a lot.

  5. wokenman

    Paying for DSTV AT ALL is being fleeced.

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  7. Chris Mberi

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