Is TelOne Following In ZOL’s Footsteps And Revising Broadband Packages?

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It seems the economic crunch is biting everyone quite hard and though many cried foul when ZOL revised their broadband prices we had a feeling TelOne would do the same thing if the economic situation stayed the same. It seems that’s now the case.

TelOne seems to have made some changes even though they are not yet committing to these changes through their communication departments.

So what’s changed?

Though there have been some revisions, I would urge you not to be too angry as the changes made by TelOne are far less radical than the ones made by their competitor.

There have been a few notable changes if you visit TelOne’s self-service portal and the changes apply to the following packages:

  • The $89 Infinity Pro package which used to be among the uncapped packages seems to now have a cap of 100 GB.
  • The $5 package which used to come with 8 GB of data seems to have also disappeared meaning the lowest package you can now pay for is the $25 Home Plus package.

even flyers were messed up?

We communicated with TelOne regarding these two changes and we are still awaiting a response. TelOne support rubbished claims that the changes had been made but when fliers are being distributed and the information on the website speaks to the same thing it does seem there might be a shift.

We will update once we have an official position from TelOne and hopefully an explanation as to why official shops are distributing unofficial flyers. This wouldn’t be the first time an unofficial communication has been sent out this week with this being widely distributed and reported on even though it wasn’t coming from TelOne itself:


  1. Tasie

    Techzim as for me i am fed up with telone. The cables in my area were vandalised in may, since then no effort was made to fix anything all they say is we dont have the cable but someone else in a diff area got her case settled. I really dont know now if i am ever gonna get their service again.

  2. Anonymous

    Infinity Pro has always been written 100gig on the self service portal, u get unlimited though. Mind u it was once s capped at 100 and when they reversed it to unlimited it was never updated.

    1. wokenman

      The 100GB thing is not new – it’s been like that for months – shows on one specific section of the telpay website but not on any of their marketing material. I noticed it two months ago.

    2. Anonymous

      thank you are correct….. not what these people are saying. I personally use infinity pro but it is unlimited

  3. Dudley Mutero

    May God have mercy on our nation. That is the only hope coz Telone is following ZOL and everyone else in the expensive life

  4. Anonymous

    Telone need to up the $25 to at least 40 gig now. They have more than enough bandwidth coming into the country at a low cost.

  5. Brian

    After making my payment with Ecocash for the $120 unlimited package, the popup notification said that I my cap is set at 500GB. However, the SelfService “Account” page isn’t showing my remaining balance as it does with other capped packages. I wish TelOne would be more transparent and tell us if they have made any changes.