DSTV South Africa Allows Businesses To Cherry Pick: They Can Choose A Sports Only Package

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Personally, and from what I constantly hear, a lot of people only subscribe to DSTV so they can watch sports. Specifically the English Premiership League and the UEFA Champions League for me. I simply do not have the slightest interest in watching channels like Mnet Movies Action that showcase movies that were released when I was a little boy or  some from when I was not even born.

On countless occasions we, subscribers have asked if it were possible for us to be allowed to pick a sports only bouquet with say all the Supersport Channels and nothing else? The answer has been a firm no and the justification has been that forcing us to pay for channels we will never watch actually makes DSTV cheaper.

The rules don’t apply to South African business customers apparently

Not only is DSTV reportedly offering sweetheart deals to some South African individuals, business to our South have been getting what we have been asking for all along:

DSTV Package NameNumber of Sports ChannelsPrice
Stay Ultra15R519
Stay Essential15R375
Stay Basic10R255
Play Ultra15R875
Play Essential15R695
Play Basic9R295
Work Essential15R349

As a reference point DSTV South Africa has a total of 15 sports channels which means businesses can pay as little as R349 and get access to all of them plus other entertainment channels. In contrast home customers have to part with R809 in order to get access to the same sports channels.

Are Zimbabwean Businesses getting the same sweet deals?

It is only natural to wonder whether Zimbabwean businesses are getting the same sweet deals? We got in touch with DSTV yesterday and they promised to get back to us which they still have not done. If they do we will update the article to include their response.

The businesses in my neighbourhood and those I know from beyond were apparently unaware of the existence of business packages. All of them were subscribing to ordinary home packages that ranged from Access to Premium. The premium bouquet seems especially popular with Sports Clubs for obvious reasons.

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  1. Shosh

    Even in Zim, businesses have options to choose from bouquets which are different from the individuals.