As Seen At The Computer Society of Zimbabwe Summer School 2018

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A few weeks ago we started a social media campaign on behalf of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe. CSZ. The campaign was centered on their upcoming Summer School that was to be held in Vic Falls. Yesterday the summer school kicked off with some exhibitions from Frolgate, Oracle and Sophos among others.

CSZ Rebranding. 

The opening ceremony started with the rebranding ceremony for CSZ, followed by a courtesy speech from Frolgate Technologies one of the event sponsors. Speaking at the ceremony the CSZ President Mudiwa Mvere highlighted the following among other things:

The 2018 Summer School is the the biggest summer school as yet with 275 participants and 15 sponsors, Since their inception, CSZ held 33 Summer Schools.  The old logo has a court of arms but times have changed and its now difficult to incorporate that logo other things…

On explaining the way forward Mr Mvere said:

We want to be the trusted industry body, anchored on professional knowledge and driving the ICT ecosystem in Zimbabwe.

To know more about CSZ’s journey and the reasons behind the rebranding check out this video.

The Old Logo vs the New Logo 


The Rebranding Ceremony in Pictures.

The rebranding ceremony was sponsored by Frolgate Technologies who were also celebrating their 15th birthday




  1. Tukai Haruzivishe

    The computer society of Zimbabwe has a very useless registration procedure for IT Professionals unnecessarily complicated can that be improved, they are poor in organization and that new logo lacks identity of the Zimbabwean brand. please improve.

  2. garthjoneszw

    REBRAND.. aahhhh I see, it was done by a friend of a friend’s, nephew’s sister’s, best friend’s, uncle, twice removed yet still part of the family, who just so happened to Google ‘What is a rebrand?” and whipped out some dusty app called CDR, and decided to do someone a favour… MailChimp rebranded..

  3. Worried

    Old logo actually looks way better… Did they should have called for submissions online and done a for over Facebook for example… But then again maybe they don’t know this technology exists

  4. Anonymous

    Well done CZS we hope your membership grows and next years summer school will attract lots of sponsors internationally