Another Cryptocurrency Startup Launches in Zimbabwe: ZimboCash

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Although the central bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) succeeded in banning cryptocurrency trading, they failed to kill the cryptocurrency fanatic’s spirit, or rather their entrepreneurial spirit. Now a certain start-up has upstaged ‘RBZ’s ban’ by launching a cryptocurrency called ZIMBOCASH. Obviously, that’s much to the chagrin of the RBZ. Here is their press release;

We are proud to announce the launch of ZIMBOCASH – a cryptocurrency that is available to all Zimbabweans at no cost.

ZIMBOCASH is a cryptocurrency for all Zimbabweans. Any Zimbabwean with a Zimbabwean ID can register for their 100 000 ZIMBOCASH at and will get more when they refer friends.

Following the registration period, we’ll launch the ZIMBOCASH cryptocurrency on a fixed blockchain. That means no more money printing. Only fast and secure transactions.

We’ll list ZIMBOCASH on a bitcoin exchange at a list price of US$ 0.02 each. Based on this value, each 100 000 ZIMBOCASH allocation could be worth up to $2 000. Buyers and sellers will be able to trade ZIMBOCASH with reference to a market price.

The registration period is for three months only – no new ZIMBOCASH will be allocated after 31 January. International buyers will be able to purchase ZIMBOCASH  on the secondary market from Zimbabweans once it is listed on the exchange.

A white paper detailing ZIMBOCASH can be found on the website, together with the registration form and other key details.

The official details are as follows:

Organization name:        ZIMBOCASH




  1. funny sh!t !!!

    what a load of boolsheet !! good luck suckers !!

  2. Worried

    If it sounds like a Ponzi and smells like Ponzi… It is a Ponzi… Guess mavrodi is back

  3. Stories

    No names no address…link goes to a WhatsApp bot…all a bit suspect

  4. sadness

    its crap

  5. Anonymous

    Techzim be serious. U are slowly loosing your true value. Refer things that are fully proven. Otherwise this is not serious.

  6. Anonymous

    Not a ponzi, nothing is being sold. They are building a network of zimbo’s. I’m watching this space.

  7. Anonymous

    I can’t see how it could be a ponzi scheme or a scam. I am grateful that some people are trying to solve our mess. I am happy to help any way I can, besides just signing up.

  8. Philip Haslam

    Thanks for your comments everyone. No, ZIMBOCASH is not a ponzi scheme or a scam. There is basically value in ZIMBOCASH to the extent that a community develops. It is being given away for free and then will be fixed in supply and put onto an exchange. The value comes from what is called the Network Effect. We’ll be posting more information based on people’s queries – we appreciate your feedback, questions and concerns