ZOL Increases Fibroniks and Wibroniks Prices Once Again

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If you are still in denial and you don’t believe that we’re in an economic crisis, ZOL’s revised pricing scheme might be a reminder that things are not ok. Back in August ZOL revised their prices upwards and for the second time in three months those same prices are going up once again.


The new prices are quite intimidating

Why are they increasing prices again? Well, it would be best if I took what the noted themselves in the official communication they sent out:

Dear Valued ZOL Customer,

We are writing to inform you about a pricing update that will affect your account.

The circumstances prompting this change are compelling. Our costs are growing at a rate poised to outpace our service delivery. In order for us to continue providing you with the same quality of services you have come to rely on, we are revising our prices upwards.

This increase will take effect on the 1st of November, 2018. Due to the short notice, we have extended a 7 day period for you to pay your subscription before your service is interrupted.

I guess it’s kinda cool that they are giving that 7-day period for subscribers to then adjust to the new pricing but the price hike itself is quite alarming. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it excessive as the “costs” they speak of are not clear to us.

I do understand when companies increase their pricing because even if the services they offer are not affected by rates they still have to pay salaries to workers who’s money is being devalued. So either you increase pricing and increase workers salaries or workers watch as their salaries carry less value and the morale drops and so forth and so on.

I will say though I expected a price increase I did not expect it to be this steep.

Are you sticking with ZOL because they offer a more reliable and faster internet experience than TelOne or are you jumping ship considering that the price gap between the two services has grown so much now?



  1. Anonymous

    Sticking with ZOL

  2. Dhara

    definitely skipping, this is nonsense……..

  3. Ed

    Can’t stick with this $69 dollar increase my salary hasn’t been reviewed upwards

  4. Bidza

    I’m happy to start looking at the other options.

    The question of whether the others don’t follow suit should be considered as I imagine there are switching costs involved. There’s no point jumping ship only to have prices raised past Zol. A commitment by Telone not to do this would help. NetOne did the old “bait and and switch” with their OneFusion and whilst people were sleeping they changed the package they’d used to attract customers.

    Also to consider is that prices in Zimbabwe are sticky downwards (Even if real forex rates decrease) so this is a real decision.

  5. Nice

    @bidza… You can try telone .. is pay as you go anyway there’s no risk…. Been using then for 3 yes … Quite happy… It is as advertised

  6. Anonymous

    I had just jumped ship to zol, TelOne I am sorry but I am coming back

  7. Anonymous

    hahaha Telone is also talking about increasing prices so it’s the same

  8. Ryan Jenkin

    Will be sticking with ZOL through November whilst assessing options and global prices, but assume Telone will follow suit though I suspect pricing gap will remain large as am sure Telone has better access to USD to make required payments to upstream providers

  9. Anonymous

    I am sadly going to leave zol the price increase is way too steep and pathetic.Telone here I come

  10. Cals

    Telone your light is looking pretty good, bye Zol

  11. Petr

    Definitely boycotting Zol,how could you have such a price increase ??? The percentage of increase is definitely uncalled for! Its time to start looking elsewhere

  12. Tony X

    Zol’s super-high Wibroniks price hike is Highly UNETHICAL although I can not comment on it’s legality.
    Announcement by Zol on 2 AUGUST 2018 “Wibroniks Unlimited: $149 pm x 12 Package for unlimited internet. Includes equipment PLUS unlimited internet for a month.” (I subscribed to the package in June at $119.00 per month but paid cash for my equipment).
    We have all manner of implied rates and now the STRIVE one.