ZimboMingle Is Zimbabwe’s Newest Dating Site To Meet Your Soulmate

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The dating world can be rough for some people. For some they are shy and others don’t have time to look for their next significant other. However, as the world increasingly moves onto the internet, online dating sites are their ‘saviors’, so to speak,  to get their woman or man of their dreams.

ZimboMingle is Zimbabwe’s newest online dating platform. As the name suggests itself, the platform is primarily for Zimbabweans who want to connect with other Zimbabweans.  Not sure if the name is okay for some people since others find the word ‘Zimbo’ pejorative. Anyway, let’s talk about what you find in ZimboMingle.

A dive into ZimboMingle

As you get into the platform, you will be welcomed with slides of pictures of different men and women. To connect with those good-looking people you obviously need to sign up. The sign-up process is quite easy, and you can do it in less than a minute. Information required includes an email address, age, sex, the type of sex you are looking, your location etc.

After filling up your (digital) form you will be successfully signed up on ZimboMingle. But you are not able to navigate the dating site until you upload your picture. So you have to upload a picture, which will be your profile picture.

Find Friends feature

With the ‘Find Friends’ feature, you are able to randomly look for people you want to connect with. Instead of using the Find Friends feature you can just enter the name of someone (in particular) in a search bar, to look for them on ZimboMingle.

Sending message

After finding your soulmate, you are able to send them a message even if you are not their friend. Yes, there is also an option of requesting friendship if you don’t want to start off by sending a message.

Users near me feature

This feature is not yet available on ZimboMinlge but its listed as one of its future features. Obviously, the feature will enable to see people who are within your proximity (who are on ZimboMingle) to connect with.


ZimboMingle has four chatrooms (or groups) you can get to know and chat with random people. There is the chatroom dedicated for Slay Queens and Slay King (called Team Slayers), another for those who can’t sleep during the night (called Insomnia Gang), another for people in Harare (called Harare Lounge) and another people in Bulawayo (called Bulawayo Lounge).


ZimboMingle gives a guide to start online dating on the ‘right foot’. The guide will provide you with how to start a conversation, engaging in a conversation, telling jokes to name but just a few.

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Will it take off?

Online dating has still a lot of stigmatization in Zimbabwe that’s why it has been stagnant for some time. Accordingly, the chances of ZimboMingle to be a success are quite slim.



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