Zimbabwean Startups Can Now Participate In The Google Launchpad Accelerator Program

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Last time we spoke about Google’s Launchpad Accelerator our excitement was hampered by the fact that the program would not be available to startups in Zimbabwe. Fortunately, the program is now open to local startups.

What’s the Google Launchpad Accelerator?

The program is meant to provide assistance to startups all over the world. Launchpad Accelerator is dedicating $3 million of equity-free investment in 2018. Yuhp, you read that right, its equity free. In addition, startups will also get access to Google’s engineers and mentorship from over 20 teams as part of the 3-month partnership. Every year Google accepts two classes of startups and this year they’ve already accepted one class with 12 startups from Kenya, SA, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania. In Google’s own words:

Launchpad regional accelerators are tailored specifically to their local markets, and provide access to the best of Google – its people, network, and advanced technologies – helping startups build great products. In addition to our accelerators, Launchpad regional initiatives include exclusive events, mentorship opportunities, and trainings.

Why are the benefits offered as equity free? Well, it’s quite simple. When working with Google you are going to be using their services and technologies which is another way for them to grow their brand, especially if the startups that are getting accelerated end up becoming huge entities. Google will be a huge part of that success story which might not necessarily be measurable but will no doubt improve the companies influence.

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