Zimbabwean Guy From Murewa Builds A Generator That Uses Used-Oil To Generate Electricity

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

We must give credit where its due especially with this young man from Murewa. He solved a problem with very limited resources, I can only imagine what he can come up if he has all the resources he need to make a market-worthy generator. These are the kind of people venture capitalist (if we have any) or investors in Zimbabwe have to invest in. Watch and hear this guy’s story.



  1. Prosper

    Diesel from the rock here we go again.
    You dreamt about all this wow.Zimbabwe has talent.Some loonie trying to make quick buck.
    Ok where does the oil come in ? Come guys.

    1. Sacha Robins

      Do your research before posting negativity here. Used oil is in abundant supply everywhere. Read my comments below in the form of a similar discovery from 2011. Our Murehwa boy is a genius and deserves the accolades while keyboard warriors who can’t change a light bulb make uneducated comments !! Be proud of your own guys

      1. Prosper

        Sacha we are not all dump in here ok.
        The claim is that a 3.7 DC battery can spin the generator (via the magnets) to yield a greater output than input of 24V.And yet at ouput it cant power up the cellphone charger ?

        Ypu can neither create nor destroy energy.

        But this is a smart way of raising money from dumb people like SAITH.

        1. Anonymous

          Hie prosper, you seem to be so knowledgeable about these things. what have you designed or invented yourself so that perhaps we could see what real innovations are like or should look like ?

        2. Stephen T Eagle

          Hey man u don’t know what u are talking abt. Maxwell Chikumbutso z in US now and has been given citizenship by Mr Trump. If we fail to recognize this boy’s talent, the next we gonna here is that he has bn taken by the Western countries.

          1. Farai Mudzingwa

            Lol don’t be too sure about Maxwell Chikumbutso being in the USA…

      2. Keith Rose

        What he is saying is.. Where is the oil used. That 3.7v battery does not have anywhere near enough power to fire the plugs to burn that oil. This is a scam mate.

    2. Jehu

      @prosper same sentiments bro, is it a generator??????

  2. Kudakwashe Mafutah

    Would have been more impressed if he switched it on

    1. Sacha Robins

      He did switch it on and it works. watch the whole video…come on!

      1. Buhle
  3. Buhle

    This is the link to the actual source of that video

  4. Kilotango

    i think people need to actually review what he has actually made before throwing congratulations and money at him. we’ve seen all this hype before with Saith Technologies (which Techzim got very bamboozled over). get this guy peer reviewed by someone who understands electrical engineering to verify, then we can celebrate.

    1. Digger

      I am with you. There is nothing wrong with questioning this young man’s claims. It is normal behavior when something new is introduced. Questioning without being being negative is good. We avoid the diesel from the rocks scenario and most importantly, we learn when we ask questions.

  5. Anonymous

    Guys why negative… This guy did something right and we should encourage that. Just listen to his story this guy is smart.

  6. Anonymous

    Very intelligent young boy.He really needs assistance to fulfil his dream. Negative people this is not for you. If you have nothing positive to say just zip it.

    1. NUST

      Guys lets be serious and appreciative this guy has done whta some have enroled at NUST for 5 years doing eletrical engineering degrees but he has done this by himself i like this boy I will donate to him big up

      1. NUST

        I have donated already his name is Winfa Mhere I like this boy 5 yeasrs doing electrical engineering we havent heard any comming up with anything there comes a grade 7 drop out knows North Poles and South Poles and breakers ummmmm lol keep the good word son vane ma Jerasi keep quiet please

  7. Anonymous

    Enemies of progress

  8. Martin

    Just want to understand the purpose of the used oil on this free energy generator,the project is brilliant,we need these brains in sub sahara.

  9. Martin

    what keeps the small electric motor running,is it the battery or electricity generated by the generator

  10. Anonymous

    Well done to the young man from Zim…excellent innovation and talent in building his generator under difficult conditions and with such limited resources available to him. Africans need to be educated and supported in the intricacies of patent law and filing procedure. There needs to be much more support for our innovators, inventors and start up entrepreneurs. While the patentability of his invention might be questionable due to novelty it does show inventive steps and certainly addresses industrial application much needed to bring electricity to rural Africa. CO2 emmisions etc would have to be addressed as well. Inventors should first develope thier idea or concept by building a demo model. Then search the internet for anything similar…if there is the same idea out there then you can’t patent it because it’s not novel (new). Secrecy is an inventors best friend and if you show your invention publicly or sell one then you can’t patent it. Then you need an inventive step…you must show what you did that others haven’t done. If you have an invention then apply for a provisional patent, write a clear description of your invention and drawings. Research provisional patent application. If you have finance then definately consult a patent attorney. From the date that you file a provisional patent application you have 1 year to develope your invention, patent search for prior art, look for funding etc. Then go PCT and national phase if it is worth it. Good luck to all of Africa’s inventors and innovators.
    Carl Hansmann, inventor, South Africa

  11. Innes I Dumingo

    That boy is genius he needs support not all those cowards I’m seeing here. I want his contacts. Zimbabweans we are cowards

  12. Alexander Isaacs

    our problem in Zimbabwe is that we always look down upon ourselves ,thats why we shall remain in perpetual poverty

  13. Alexander Isaacs

    No wonder why countries like USA prosper. Its because they recognise their homegrown talents and fund them if need be.