YahSat And Utande Still Haven’t Announced The Prices For Their Satellite Internet Service

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Ok, so you’re probably wondering what’s up with Utande and YahSat’s internet service. YahClick (as the service will come to be known) was launched last week but that launch was not followed by any details of pricing. At the launch, Utande couldn’t commit to a pricing structure for the packages because the economy had recently descended into chaos. Utande promised that they would have the price listing sorted out in a few days.

What’s with the silence?

Here we are a full week later and still, the pricing is not yet announced. You may be wondering what’s up? Well, the forex rates are still roller-coasting (not entirely sure if that’s a word) and because this is the case they still haven’t settled on a pricing regime that will actually reflect the quality of service that you get. It’s a bit frustrating but it is entirely understandable.

At a time when some shops are actually charging in USD because that’s the only way they can avoid changing their prices on a daily basis or making losses, it does make sense that Utande are a bit hesitant to go all in with a pricing. They obviously can’t charge USD as that will instantly kill the product they are launching so I guess for now they have to stick to the waiting game that they are currently playing.

It’s the conundrum that many new products are facing when coming to market in Zim right now; at a time where prices are rising what may seem like the perfect pricing structure for both consumers and businesses on one day, may render companies as loss-making in a week or two…

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