WhatsApp To Come Up With Two New Features: Instagram Account Linking And Vacation Mode for Archived Chats

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WhatsApp continues to improve its app with new features meant to enhance engagement and user experience, in an attempt to remain relevant in a pretty competitive market. The social media giant is reportedly planning to bring three new features to its app soon, including linking accounts to Instagram, in order to improve chat and notifications for its over 1.5 billion users.

Besides account linking, the two other features under development at WhatsApp are Vacation and Silent Mode, according to WABetaInfo.

What about the linking feature

The current theory is that the linking feature would help you recover your Instagram account using the WhatsApp app in the future. So in the event that you forget your log in details for Instagram, you can turn to WhatsApp to log in. The account linking feature might give privacy-conscious users more nightmares about data sharing and the possibility of leaks, but it seems to have been developed for WhatsApp Business primarily so that businesses can easily sell on Instagram and communicate with buyers or potential buyers through WhatsApp seamlessly.

Vacation Mode

Another feature which would be coming soon would let users keep archived chats from getting unarchived when you get a new message in that chat.  Normally, a chat will be automatically be unarchived by WhatsApp once you receive a new message through it; vacation mode will change this by ensuring that archived chats remain so even after you receive a new message. This may be a helpful means of ignoring group or personal messages you don’t want to participate in without having to leave the group entirely or block the person on the other end.

Actually its three features……Silent Mode

Besides Vacation Mode, WhatsApp could also soon add a silent mode which would hide the unread count badge for muted chats. When enabling muting for a specific chat, notifications would no longer show up on the screen, but you’ll see a badge count on the WhatsApp icon. The silent mode will hide this count as well, basically muting chats entirely, so you won’t be alerted of new messages unless you manually open the conversation