Twitter’s New ‘Data Saver’ Feature Is Perfect To Save Your Airtime/Data

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If you are on Twitter and like to have full control over data usage on your smartphone, then a new ‘Data Saver’ mode will be of interest. Data Saver is a sure way to keep your Twitter data usage down and perhaps give you some peace of mind when it comes to the frequency of buying airtime. If we talk about saving money on airtime then this new feature is for many Zimbabweans. 

Switching on the Data Saver

Once you have enabled the data saver, Twitter will drop the minimum image quality and won’t autoplay the videos in your Timeline. You will have to tap to open the image and select ‘load high quality’ option from the overflow menu if you want to see the high-resolution images.

Even the data sync in the background is disabled using the data saver feature. It means Twitter won’t load the latest tweets until you open the app and swipe to refresh, which is good for users who are quite conservative about their mobile data or don’t want the Timeline to refresh on its own.

A Bit like Twitter Lite

Data Saver makes the app a little more like Twitter Lite, the bare-bones version of Twitter built for developing markets, where data caps and slow connections can be more of an issue for users. In fact, should data and storage for that matter be an issue for you, then the so-called “lite” versions of apps are the way to go if you can get hold of them. Twitter Lite, for example, uses less than 1MB of storage and minimizes data usage via a number of data-saving features.

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