There Have Been 154 Cases Of Card Cloning In Zimbabwe So Far In 2018

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Card cloning has slowly become a phenomenon for most of 2018. The cyber-crimes are on a rise and because the public was never prepared to actually safeguard themselves criminals are making a killing. The Zimbabwe Information and Communication Technologies (ZICT) has said in 2018 there have been 154 cases of bank card cloning reported.

The recently released report by ZICT stated:

Consumers in Zimbabwe are now paying with bank cards due to cash shortages. For thieves, that plastic represents a lucrative spending opportunity. So far in 2018, the number of bank cards compromised at merchant card reader (through card cloning) is over 154 cases with most of the cases not being recorded. Bankcard cloning is typically done via skimming devices that capture card data.

Card Cloning timeline

How to actually safe

I don’t think banks will be changing the technology in their cards anytime soon and even if they do change the technology best believe the charges to deploy the technology will be passed on to us and considering the charges we are already suffering through, I’m sure we all agree that more charges will simply be an act of cruelty.

So what can you do to actually protect yourself if the banks don’t have your back? Well, you can check out our previous articles on card cloning and how to stay safe;

The biggest problem I have with the government’s “cashless economy” spin is that what’s happening on the ground clearly shows that we did not deliberately plan to become a cashless economy. The government just stumbled upon the fact that cash was quickly running out and conveniently, they pushed people to adopt electronic channels and the public did so. There was inadequate infrastructure supporting these new channels of payment – We all saw how server issues plagued swipe into EcoCash to point of irrelevance. Secondly, the people using cards were not educated about the risks that can come with these cards and the disaster has slowly been unfolding in front of our eyes.


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  1. Elias Maradzika

    May you try to teach the public through their reachable contact on how to safeguard their money. I’m sure those using cards have an access to information you may prevail be it in Shona ,Ndebele or whatever that suits individuals around us.Either banks may help in assisting their customers .Thank you for your support to the nation.