Strive Masiyiwa Believes President Mnangagwa Is On The Right Path

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Strive Masiyiwa

There has been a lot of deliberation over whether Zimbabwe is on the right path or if we are a lost cause and the country will be on a downward for another five years. If you are to take the word of one of Zimbabwe’s most shrewd businessmen –Strive Masiyiwa- then we are indeed in a new dispensation.

Speaking to CNBC Africa, the founder of Econet was quizzed about the prospects of Zim and his confidence in Emmerson Mnangagwa, to which he replied:

I have invested in Zimbabwe (in the last 10 years), $1.5 billion US dollars. I’m as commited to investing in Zimbabwe as I have always been come rain or shine. But concerning the change that has taken place; I believe it is real. I believe President Mnangagwa is sincere with the things he wants to do. It is going to be extremely challenging. Everyone knows that. Anyone who understands economics knows it’s going to be tough going but I think that Zimbabwe needs to be given a chance. We have to stop the politicking and focus on rebuilding this country… And I’m right up there. I think the sanctions, should be removed. There’s no justification for them anymore and I’ve always been on record to say the sanctions are not justified. Now we are almost 20 years into the sanctions. You can’t have one country operating with its hands tied behind its back.

You can see the video of the interview below:

This one is bound to divide some opinion!


  1. Anonymous

    He is not in touch with the situation on the ground. Perhaps its because we live in different worlds

    1. Anonymous

      At least he is giving zanu pf heavy weights a good 2percent for orgernizing the masses to enrich him

    2. Anonymous

      The situation is conducive for you… you dont even live in zimbabwe…you dont queue for 3 hours and more for clearly have lost touch on zim situation… you have millions and you dont know the struggle for ordinary zimbabweans…

  2. TheKing

    He is out of touch with reality. It’s hard out there, people are struggling. I agree that sanctions have to go, but Mnangagwa is the reason we still have sanctions. He rigged an election. He could have simply let Chamisa win, then impeach him using parliamentary majority. He chose the route of sanctions, i.e an unverifiable election

    1. BJ

      oh well. Reality is that CHANGE always comes with hardships. And he is correct. Its the hardish part which short term thinkers don’t like. Unfortunately no one can get away with it. When it comes it comes to all. Tighten your seat belts. Its for your future and your children’s future.

      1. Chips

        You are wrong in some way BJ. Things always get tougher for the poor. And the poor get poorer. The rich almost always increase their riches. If not, they do not even feel the difficulties experienced by the majority. Strive is comfy in America as we speak. He has always bank-rolled the regime’s functions since Mugabe’s time.

    2. Anonymous

      Agreed but are sanction hurting mnangagwa . . . no they not but they are hurting business.Yes the election was rigged but did the sanctions prevent the rigging no they did not.Mnangagwa and crew became more richer during the sanctions error that is a fact.Sanctions are hurting business if you are in business and have tried to source external funding you will understand this.We have a choice we keep the sanctions and mnangagwa and crew get richer or we have them removed so business can strive.Sometimes we need to remove emotions from these discussions

  3. Anonymous

    100% disagree. I am actually very disappointed in Strive. What is he hoping to gain from ED by telling an overseas network rubbish? He forgets that in 2008 his network with the rest did not even work. Only in 2009 did things happen thank you to Bhiti and MDC.

    1. Anonymous

      He simply expressed his view is that not what democracy is about?We do not have to agree with his views and the same way he does not have to agree with your views.

      1. Chips

        He can run that Global business from Zim. Why America. Stupid argument!

        1. Anonymous

          He can also run the Global village from america why Zim?

          1. Kab


      2. Anonymous

        an expression to impress ED and no one else. He is up to something in my view. Those expressions have not gone down well here. Stive has no idea what is was like walking the streets in 2008 or now.

        1. Anonymous

          But these are you words . . . he also clearly talked about politicking i guess you only decided to view things your way.Look there are many ways we can intepret what he said.But what is clear and were i agree with him is sanctions need to go.
          It is absurd to think that only people who walk the streets in 2008 felt the impact.Ivnvestors lost millions in usd according to your view they did not feel the impact because they were not walking the streets? . . . thats a rather narrow way at looking at things.

    2. L. Makombe

      Strive is just being optimist and basing on his wealth he has nothing to gain from ED. Strive knows business opportunities and he knows what is good for business. The problem we have in Zimbabwe is that we live in past. We compare people because of their past and not what they are striving to do. ED is very different from Mugabe and he needs the chances to prove himself. Armchair criticism will not help at all. You have Chamisa who talks of violence just to get into power and people cheer at him, and you have ED taking of economic development and people ridicule him. If all Zimbabweans were pro development you would not have people concentrating on cheering people who advocate mayhem, lawyers who did not manage to provide evidence and continue telling us that the elections were stolen and Zimbabwe is captured. Strive please advocate for the removal of sanctions.

  4. Lee Farayi Moto

    Strive Masiyiwa not only are you an exceptional business person but you are also an ambassador for Zimbabwe your insight is for the people of Zimbabwe to have a better life and a great future thank you for believing in the new dispensation if all Zimbabweans speak with one voice then the sky is the limit

    1. Anonymous

      I do agree with the above words

  5. purple

    If he is so confident, should he catch a plane to zimbabwe and say it while standing on Zimbabwean soil?

    1. Chips


  6. tachalazee

    lol.he`s got to be agood boy and

  7. BTM

    Here are some facts that we need to understand and i am asking anyone to dispute these:
    1.)Since sanctions were introduced corruption increased drastically.
    2.)Since sanctions were introduced the corrupt have become richer.
    3.)Since sanctions were introduced the corrupt have travelled more to those countries tha have imposed sanctions they even do their shopping more.
    4.)Sanctions will never bring political change in Zim if they did ZANU would have long gone out of power.

    We can talk about human rights etc and that those under sanctions need to make things right . . . Reality is if it affected them they would have acted on them already they are actually enjoying the sanctions despite what they say in public.This chaos and suffering is benefiting those who are supposed to be the targets and there is physical evidence arouns us to prove this.

    Emotions aside sanctions need to go it is that simple.Funny how some people now claim Strive once favour from ZANU simply because he spoke his mind.Were were all these people when Strive was fighting his lone battles in court.Now he is wrong and evil simply because he has a different view from the majority really?.

    Are sanctions not hurting business.

    All the people who actually run business are saying sanctions should go.Ask Busisa Moyo,ask Simba Mhuriro . . . so all these people are Zanu?simply because they are asking for sanctions to go.All these people are out of touch with reality simply because they are asking for sanctions to go?

    I dont see the point of Strive relocating to Zim what a sick argument ,why does he need to relocate to Zim when he is running a global business.

  8. Rodney

    Strive you don’t stay in Zim, as for us in Zimbabwe things are not good at all and Mnangagwa is not good us. You Strive visit Zimbabwe and see people are suffering. No future. Almost 90% of Zimbabwe is against Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF.

  9. Takanaka

    Strive be wary of losing the plot.

  10. poshking

    Masiwa is lost,totally lost……if he wants God to punish him,let him go on supporting Crocodile

  11. Rodgers Makaza

    The article rightly describes him as shrewd.

  12. Tingweys

    The masses are there to participate through elections but when it comes to nation building only a few individuals will give the nation the direction to take.All nations that developed had few people in leadership who made critical decisions about their countries in spite of heavy criticism from the masses.Singaporeans complained against Lee, some branding him a dictator but look at where it today.Rwanda is being led by a political worse man than ED but look at what he’s archiving for his people.Europeans and the U.S. developed in an era where there was no fully fledged democracy in their countries for some of their people in those days were not allowed to vote and there was slavery.Generally the masses are mostly concerned about food on the table,and not about taking tough decisions about the future of their country.To safe guard the American nation against the masses their country has what is called delegates who also vote along side the masses in their elections,meaning you can win the popular vote but lose the elections like what happened to Hillary Clinton.

    1. Always off Topic

      So you are suggesting that those American delegates saved the nation by endorsing Trump, i donot think so. In fact the way Trump ascended to the presidency is used as a cautionary tale of why USA needs electoral reforms.
      The reality is that , there is no perfect system of governance, every system is flawed in a way, ultimately a nation has to take whatever it has at its disposal, experiment and make it work. Simply copy and pasting from other successful nations would be dangerous, because by that measure we would all end up being Communists(China)!!!
      I believe in Zim the GNU worked quite well and represented an optimal system of governance, which is surely missed right now.

  13. Chris

    Ecocash became the defacto currency due to this mismanagement by the gvt. econet is not enjoying and making huge profits out of our current situation so it explains why he is saying that. He wants to keep ecocash alive remember voice call revenue is dwindling due to internet usage and he can’t get what he used to from selling data. Steward bank is also benefitting well in this economy. We understand where you’re coming from Strive.

    1. Chris

      I mean Econet IS ENJOYING

  14. Always off Topic

    All of a sudden every one is blaming sanctions. For your own info, US is not the only source of funding on this planet. And also Zdera does not prevent any US citizen or business from investing in Zim. If i am not mistaken ED government was recently boasting of a billion dollar deal they cut with an American finance company for infrastructure funding. Zdera primarily barres Zim from getting support from US controlled or influenced multilateral international lenders , the rest target certain individuals and businesses thought to be benefiting from corruption.
    What about all the support we get from all weather friend ( partner in crime) Afrexim, they seem to provide new “funding facilities” every other month. And they seem keen on piling on the debt further.
    As for this notion that we need to make some sacrifice now in order to have a better future, is a load of bull. Forex shortages are actually slowing down the economy, mines are closing down, people being made idle because factors of production are hard to come by (or too expensive), this is not a sacrifice or a little pain, it is a crisis. Slowing economy means less revenue for government, thereby making the state more reliant on RBZ ‘borrowings’, which we all know is devalueing our money and fueling inflation.

  15. Jonon

    You dont know what sanctions mean.

  16. Anonymous

    STRIVE ndaikufarira but warakidza kusafunga…u greed iwee stupid we are suffering iwee u living good unonzwisa hasha satan wemunhu

  17. Francis Kimani

    It is time to let go and work hard Zimbabweans to develop your country. Dr Strive hope you have seen the ranking of Africans countries in terms of ease in doing businesses, that why I second you on this. I is time to focus on development of your country Zimbabweans. USA should thinks on removing the sanctions to promote condusive environment of doing business for better economy.