Keep Track Of Your Stress Levels With The Xiaomi Mi Band2 And 3: Limited Ecocash Offer Available

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So most people have been having a torrid week ever since the latest monetary policy came out. Stress levels for people from all walks of life have been through the roof and a lot of us are understandably not sleeping well. While it is normal to worry, stress and high blood pressure are detrimental to your health.

Monitor your stress levels

The best solution to high blood pressure problems is of course more trips to your doctor. This would probably mean interruptions to your daily schedule. For people who run startups like me, interruptions are not ideal as I am essentially the startup. I still need to monitor my blood pressure and sleep levels though.

That is where smart bands come in. They are not a replacement for the doctor but they allow me to monitor my heart rate and remember to breathe every time I hear the Monetary and Fiscal Authorities speak on how they are going to turn around the economy by taxing me to death.

The Xiaomi Mi band 2 and Mi band 3

Xiaomi is now the number four top smartphone maker in the world after Samsung, Apple and Huawei. They have earned their reputation with low priced stellar hardware and regular software updates to their products. The Mi Band 2 (from last year) and Mi band 3 (this year) are their smart band offerings. This being Xiaomi you can expect the same excellent craftsmanship, regular support and updates.

Both devices:

  • Have heart rate monitors
  • An OLED screen that can be easily viewed even in direct October sunlight
  • This is a touch screen- about the only difference is that the Mi Band 3 has a larger screen
  • Raise to wake i.e. if you raise your hand and look at the band it will automatically wake up
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • A 110mAH battery that will last you for up to 20 days
  • miFit sports mode
  • Water resistance which will come in handy in the coming wet months
  • Notification and message display. Notification type: Facebook,Twitter and WhatsApp
  • Have Call function allowing you to accept or reject calls
  • Sleeping monitoring
  • Both have a Pedometer to measure of the pacing around you do as you scream at the TV
  • Have Vibrate Alert
  • Are compatible with both iOS and Android

And of course they can tell time. It does have an alarm clock function so if you are a sound sleeper or are on a schedule you can keep this to keep you on your toes.

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Where and how to buy

All these devices come with black straps. For around $2 you can get straps of various colors including midnight blue, apple green, and red.

You can buy these using a Visa or MasterCard that can make international payments. It is always a good idea to link your card to PayPal for free so as to protect yourself. If you do not have a card you can sign up for the FBC MasterCard or Steward Visa. Both are prepaid and you will get your working card immediately after signing up.

Your smartband will be shipped to you withing 48 hours of making the purchase. It will take about 30 days to be delivered to you. Expect to pay duty of circa $12-$15 which you can do using Ecocash or Swipe since in their delusional minds the rate is still 1:1

You can get the Mi Band 2 using Ecocash

With each passing day the US dollar is become rarer than a pangolin and a lot of people don’t have Visa/MasterCards that can make international payments. If you want to purchase the Mi Band 2 using Ecocash or ZIPIT please follow the instructions below:

  • Get in touch with me via WhatsApp on +263 772 473 953 and express your interest
  • If I give you the go ahead send $60 to the same number or ZIPIT $62 to FBC Bank account 6017041002460303
  • Send me your legal name and address where to send the package
  • I will immediately make the purchase and give you the order number
  • Once the order is shipped I will give you the tracking number

Easy peasy right? This offer is on a first come first basis and it is only for the Mi Band 2.

On a last note, will people stop stressing, we survived 2008. 2018 is going to be a walk in the park. Remember to breath and hydrate.


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