Econet Finally Talk of Launching Their Uber Service :Vaya Lift

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We have been waiting for this! Econet is going to launch its ride-sharing service Vaya Lift.  The Cassava Smartech which is the parent company where services such as EcoCash, EcoFarmer are roofed will be in charge of this ride-sharing service.


According to Mr Darlington Mandivenga, the Cassava International  Group Executive Director, Econet is planning a big launch of Vaya Lift.

“We will be launching this door-to-door, smart transportation service anytime before the end of the month and we are excited about the sheer convenience it will bring to both the consumer and business markets” Mr Mandivenga said.  “By Christmas of this year, we hope to add parcel delivery and other logistical services to our service bouquet


So Cassava On Demand will be listed on its own on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Talk of Econet Weaning it off so early.  Did you know that  Cassava On Demand operates Technites, provide technicians that undertake installations such as Set Top Boxes and fibre optic cables? After realising that this division need not fully support Econet Business but to expand on its own, Econet has tasked Cassava On Demand to offer services such as those of electricians and plumbers to the general public on demand, using a mobile App. How cool is that!

I am personally excited about Vaya – Lift as it will create jobs for a number of people.  My colleague compared prices of the uber services in Zimbabwe and Vaya – Lift prices were reasonable.  What am keen to see is how popular the ride-sharing service will be with the public considering that Kombis are charged way lower than the uber service.


Will Econet Pull it off ….?

Econet is a giant no doubt about that and I am sure they will be able to afford a number of mistakes and get away with it while they mould Vaya Lift to perfection, but, is the Zimbabwean Market Ready for Uber Both Business and the general public. Will you as a Techzim Reader use Vaya? let’s chat in the comment section below.



  1. Garikai Dzoma

    It would all be great if the guys could get fuel in time to fulfill ride orders.

  2. Anonymous

    Definitely it’s long overdue

  3. Anonymous

    Grounds for kidnapping, robbery and possibly murder

    1. Llodza

      I think since it’s a registered service all the cars will be on the Econet or Vaya register so if one requests a lift on the app it goes to the registered ones

  4. Henry

    Was Hwindi not already in the market?

    1. Anonymous

      Hwindi is very expensive

  5. TK

    Considering a general costs and benefit analysis, the Vaya-Lift definitely has more benefits over costs. In my opinion any risk that follows is worth taking.

  6. Anonymous

    I would🙂

  7. The Boanerges SONS OF THUNDER

    Its Vaya Africa app and not Vaya Lift

  8. webbo marime

    I have used it and so I have no doubt recommending it to another person.