Download: Monetary Policy Statement Delivered By Dr John Mangudya 1st October 2018

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RBZ Governor, Dr John Mangudya

Here is the monetary policy statement delivered by the RBZ Governor today.

You may also be interested to buy the Techzim report on the state of the payments ecosystem in Zimbabwe. You can buy the report via EcoCash below:




  1. we are doomed again by zanu

    thieving zanus, 2nd time in10 years, took them just 5 years from end of gnu in 2013 to stuff things up again and put us back to 2008 !

  2. E.Munyari

    We appreciate the “economics ahead of politics” initiative and hope that it will yield the required dividend and the Zimbabwe we all want. Challenges must be tackled.

  3. Choga K

    Anyone with the document of it plz share