BitHub Africa To Host Online Hackathon

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The Black Blockchain Summit is hosting a Global Online Hackathon which will be hosted on the 9th – 10th of November.

What’s the challenge?

The aim of the hackathon is to “build solutions within the Global Black Community that address the Agenda items from the recently held Black Blockchain Summit.” What does this Agenda item list look like:

  1. Build a platform to keep Law Enforcement in check and institute penalties such as malpractice fees to discourage corruption and maintaining evidence integrity.
  2. Build a platform to localize funding proposals for projects enabling efficient utilization of resources by government services.
  3. Build a platform that incentivizes students learning fundamental skills such as Logic and STEM courses.
  4. Build a platform that allows for the digitization of ownership and property rights for indigenous people.
  5. Build a platform that fairly disburses tokenized funds to projects that empower indigenous people.
  6. Build a platform that rewards creativity, protects cultural and intellectual property rights for indigenous people.
  7. Build a platform that enhances the adoption of sustainable energy solutions within local communities.
  8. Build a framework that supports development and growth of interoperable Community Currencies.
  9. Build a Decentralized Education System for training, seminars and homeschooling.
  10. Build a Self-Sovereign Trusted Identity platform to enable free movement of Black people globally and end racial profiling.
  11. Build a platform to track addictive and poisonous drugs as well as weapons.
  12. Build a decentralized platform for funding and improving healthcare

What’s on the line?

The third and second placed teams get $250 and $500, whilst the winner will get a chance to go and pitch their solution at the Africa Blockchain Conference in Kigali Uganda.

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    where is this happening

  2. BitHub Africa

    The Hackathon is online submit your pitch here