Africa’s Leading Satellite Internet Provider Partners With Utande To Introduce New Internet Solution In Zimbabwe

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Nowadays when I go to launch events I am cautiously optimistic. After Kwese TV’s launch last year we quickly learned that announcement of a new product does not equate to a great offering that will shake things up as much as we anticipate. Zimbabwe’s internet landscape is another industry that also requires similar shake-ups and we believe competition is always necessary to drive costs down…

Local internet access provider Utande (a subsidiary of Dandemutande) has partnered with Yahsat to bring a new satellite internet solution to the Zimbabwean market. If you didn’t know, Yahsat also happens to be the biggest satellite internet provider across the African continent. The company is funded by the Abu Dhabi government and they have been launching their service in various countries in Africa over the past few weeks.

So, what should Zimbos expect?

Well, YahClick (that’s the name of the service) will resemble a DStv setup – a 78cm satellite dish will be set up at your residence along with a wifi modem to beam internet within the house. Utande has partnered with DStv’s installers and they will be the ones carrying out installations. Through these satellites, YahClick will deliver broadband internet via satellite across the whole of Zimbabwe.

Pricing & packages

Vsat has historically been a crazy expensive service to access. Utande and YahSat are hoping that YahClick shifts that and within a day or two they will be announcing their final pricing. Wait, what??? Before you close the page in frustration understand this; Utande had worked out a pricing scheme as far back as two weeks ago but unfortunately, the economy in the country had other ideas and they are now working on finalizing those prices to reflect what the economy is like right now. Though this is an inconvenience it’s something I understood was entirely out of their control.

What I can say definitively on pricing is that if you’re signing up for a 12-month subscription you’ll get the satellite dish, antenna and modem for free. If not there’ll be a fee charged for that kit.

There will be 5 packages for consumers to choose from with data caps of 5Gb, 10Gb, 20Gb, 30Gb and 50Gb. Unlimited gang will be left in the cold. Oh and how fast will these packages be? Well according to Utande CEO Never Ncube, expect anything between 6MB/s to 25MB/s.

Business packages will start at 75Gb and then there will be a 200Gb package along with two unlimited packages.

Because this is a satellite solution coverage will extend across the entire nation and there will finally be options for those consumers who want internet but are in remote areas. Speeds are similar regardless of where you are which is another positive.

Depending on pricing, I think YahClick has the opportunity to make a dent in remote areas where fibre and ADSL are not options. The technology is definitely cool and YahSat is a known and reputable player so I don’t expect there to be much in the way of service disruptions.

Interested in free internet?

In other regions, YahClick offers what they call Unlimited Free Zone and this allows customers to access the internet at no cost from 1am to 6am. We asked whether this will also be available in Zimbabwe and it turns out that it will. A cool bonus for customers considering that ZOL and TelOne require you to pay for their discounted night data programs. If you’re nocturnal this will be a great addition.

We will be following up on the issue of pricing soon and only then will we know how much value customers will get…



  1. Raph

    Nice. Keep us posted! 🙌

  2. Anonymous

    on a side note since you mentioned them…

  3. Anonymous

    on a side note since you mentioned them… Very disappointed with Kwese’s latest antics. Suddenly on Friday night one of about 5 of the only channels actually watchable namely Fox suddenly stopped working. Subsequently the National Geographic channels stopped too. If they kill those permanently it will really not be worth watching at all. Further their channel line ups are perenially late!

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      What error message are you getting so we can follow up on this

      1. Anonymous

        No error just a blank screen on those channels and sometimes they are not even there. Very poor customer relations happening here!

    2. JaydeeBee

      Not surprising – it was always going to be a problem in the long term for Kwese letting subs pay for their content locally.

  4. Anonymous for rough guideline. R1400 for 20GB, R2100 for 30GB, and R3500 for 50GB. Expect to pay no less in Zim. R2100=$141 (real USD)

    1. Anonymous

      Expensive if that is the case

  5. wokenman

    How does weather affect this – is it the same as DSTV where you lose signal if there is rain?

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Hey didn’t think to ask of that when we were at the briefing, thanks I’ll follow up

  6. Thanos

    Provide clarity on the speeds:

    MB/s = Mega Bytes per second, in this case you’re saying 6 – 25 Megabytes per second, equivalent to 48 – 200 mb/s

    mb/s (mbps) = megabits per second which would be about 0.75 – 3.125 Mega Bytes per second (MB/s)

    1MB = 8mb
    1MB/s = 1mbps

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Hey Martin,my bad actually meant mb and not the MB used as denomination for storage. Thanks for that heads up

  7. Thanos

    1MB/s = 8mbps

  8. Anonymous

    wat abt unlimited home base data