Acie Lumumba Axed, I’m Left With Questions

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Social Media, Fake News. Words we are hearing every day. I would like to think we all agree Zimbabwe is burning, more on the economic side. In the  Whatsapp groups, I am in, the usual question is whats the rate today guys… So what’s been happening at the governing body of money?

Finance Minister Ncube appointed Acie Lumumba as his spokesperson and Acie being Acie took his job to social media where I think is an easy place to get an audience.

Soon after his rant on social media, the RBZ  suspended four officials that Acie Lumumba accused of illegal forex trading.   Wait, what just happened? I recall very well in July VaMangudya mentioning that stuff on social media can cause harm to the nation.    Maybe I am missing the point but Mangudya has been very vocal against social media and has urged Zimbabweans to never respond to stuff that circulates on these platforms.

It’s quite the contradiction that the central bank chief goes around to fire four of his top lieutenants mere hours after some dude rants on Facebook. Strange country this…

Why then fire Acie if what he was saying was all wrong/true

I was listening to the infamous live Facebook Chat  ( great work with Game of Thrones theme)  Acie, I have question: were you specifically hired to hang out the corrupt 4  RBZ  employees and fake being dismissed or you were dismissed in reality?

Did the Minister need a controversial, outspoken guy to do his dirty work? Part of me is thinking of the all to familiar scenarios when all members of a household do not want to have their hands get dirty and they ask ‘that extraordinary family member’ to deliver bad news. Is this the case with RBZ?

Then again I scratch my head and wonder was he dismissed because he would unearth how corrupt the systems are?

The biggest worm and mole decaying Zimbabwe is corruption and if you ask me I would not conclude that only four people are responsible for the crazy rate fluctuation. Or again I could be wrong.

One thing I am really sure of is name and shaming corrupt people will not work. The level of selfishness and corruption needs stronger measures made of steel. It’s like that woman who constantly says to her child iwe ndichakurova iwe ndichakurova ( I will hit you, I will hit you ) but never gets to it.  Do you think that child will ever change their behaviour? Recently the President emphasised the need for regulation in this regard, but then again a lot of things are said and promised but nothing fruitful really comes out of it.

Certainly, no cartel lives forever, we all know what happened to Pablo Escobar. But at what point does this stop and at what expense. Had Acie remained with the Ministry of Finance would we have had more answers ?   We all have questions swimming in our head??????  Questions and more questions and the economy keeps bleeding.






  1. Kratos

    Corruption is killing Zimbabwe. How do you understand a simple Zimra revenue officer at the border building a house in 6 months and buying a 2009 big badge benz for his wife. A VID officers building a lodge with 15 rooms. Death penalty or mandatory 20 years in jail is the only answer

    1. Leesa K

      I agree, what’s worse is vanhu vakungovhundutsira and not taking measures at the expense of the general Zimbabwean.

    2. Sagitarr

      I think they must repay all stolen funds first, then they can be put under firing squad AFTER. By the time the fifth person is killed, there will be order!!

  2. Knightstalker

    I see no hope so far . We identify the people who are corrupt but the Government behaves like a Toothless Dog all Bark and no Bite. We wanna see that they are serious in uprooting corruption

  3. Tafadzwa

    I think your analyst was right on the money. I very much think that Acie has done what he was hired to do. Makes no sense for someone to get a job at the MoF and days later, he’s doing an expose on the whole system. I hope nothing big went down in the last few days while we were all pre-occupied on this circus,

    1. Tafadzwa

      meant analysis

  4. Anonymous

    How does the Minister operate? Does he need to consult anyone when he is appointing people in his ministry…the other time Mpofu was saying the Minister of Finance did not consult on the 2 % issue. More questions and more questions for sure. And who ordered Acie’s sacking? Argh.

  5. mbakku

    anyone with positive news please share, tired of this shit, wonder were we arr going as a country

  6. Nhuweti

    You need to know that its a circus , dealers at RBZ are close relations to the powers that be , so you will realise that they will all come back , its Mtuli who will soon get the suck .