Your Child Is Writing O Level This Year, Here’s A Tool To Help Them With Math And Science Subjects

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I should start by stating two things:

  1. Learner’s Tab is not ‘cheap,’ it sells for $170
  2. You can buy the product right here on Techzim in our store using EcoCash and we will deliver it to you straight away

I had to start by stating those two things because the community here is brutal sometimes and is quick to assume that the objective from our end is to hoodwink and sell snake oil. Actually no, we are always upfront about any content that benefits us financially.

Now, what is Learner’s Tab?

Learner’s Tab is a resources portal for school content presented in video format and in a highly illustrative format. Right now they only have content for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As a bonus there is also content for English.

We described the product in full here. You can also watch the video promo below:

learnersTab promo

Image for YouTube video with title learnersTab promo viewable on the following URL

Which syllabus?

The platform has a number of African syllabi options. For Zimbabwe both ZIMSEC and Cambridge are available.

The format

The lessons are presented on video. The great thing they have been able to do is to compress stuff that takes 45 minutes in class or sometimes more into 15 minute lessons that have a lot of visual ques that can really help a student remember. Added to that is of course the student can pause, replay or play later any portion of the lesson which is not so easy to do in class.

The thing I have against the content is that it is presented by non Africans which means there are accents to navigate.

Besides the video lessons, there are questions to test whether the student is grasping the concepts and whether of course they are exam ready. The student chooses the level of difficulty of the questions and the number of questions they want to attempt at a given time (from 1 up to 1000). The questions are drawn from public exams of the past 5 years.

The questions are either multiple choice or true or false type of questions. What’s cool is that every wrong answer the student gives has an explanation why the answer is wrong and likewise the correct answers have explanations as well.

Do you need internet?

To me, the biggest selling point is that this content can be accessed offline. For the African market Learner’s Tab is mainly being sold for offline consumption. The content is available on an SD card that you can use on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Learner’s Tab is selling for $170. This is a 12 month license fee. When the SD card is delivered to you and you install it on the device your child will be using you then WhatsApp Davington (the guys selling it) so they can send you the product key to access the content.

You can buy this directly from our store and we will deliver it (for free of course) within 48 hours.

All the best to your child as they prepare for final exams.