There Might Be A New Transportation System To Finally End Harare’s Congestion Woes

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Kuvacash a company which (believe it or not) specialises in cryptocurrencies wants to revolutionise Harare’s transport system. Their concept video of an Aerial Ropeway Transit (ART) has been making the rounds on social media and it definitely looks like something that could alleviate the ever-growing traffic congestion we are currently seeing in Harare.

The thinking behind the cable cars being proposed by Kuvacash is that underground trains are disruptive whilst overground trains are too expensive and thus the cable cars hit the sweet spot. The cable cars will initially transport people from 4th Street and the Showgrounds into the City Centre. They are claiming that the feasibility of this project has already been tested and the proof is that “this is a cost-effective eco-friendly and traffic reducing solution to the district’s transportation.”


If this ART is implemented the cable cars will be coming in every 8 seconds which mean waiting times will be greatly reduced and traffic in the CBD will definitely take a hit. The cost of boarding these cable cars will be 50c and this will be payable via Kuvacash. Kuvacash (the company not the currency) has also stated that they don’t require any government funding to carry out this project but they have highlighted that interested parties can contact them by sending an email to

What do you think of this concept? Hit or miss?



  1. AfroKing


    1. Allan Brian Chibisa

      I am looking for something positive and here is an example. I do not doubt the feasibility. This may de-congest both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

  2. Anonymous

    yeah right

  3. Rational Dev

    Stop cars from entering the city center and introduce trams.
    No congestion and clean air problem solved.

  4. Worried

    So cars and introduce a functional bus system… As simple as that…I gladly dump my car for a bus for my daily commute… It just me no sense..I can’t be left to the mercy of kombis… We need a functional bus system

  5. Fungai Mawerera

    Do we have the necessary infrastructure in place for this?
    When is the expected date of implementation/
    otherwise, this is a brilliant concept.very innovative