Strive Masiyiwa Promises To Name And Shame Municipal Officers Trying To Take Advantage Of Econet’s Cholera Response Funds

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Strive Masiyiwa

The fact that some municipal officers tried to abuse the funds donated by Econet to fight the cholera pandemic probably comes as a surprise to no one who lives in Zimbabwe. Most expected that this would be the case.

The confirmation we were all waiting for but secretly hoping wouldn’t come (for once!) has already come. Strive Masiyiwa –Founder and Chairman of the Econet Wireless Group- posted a telling statement on his Facebook page:


One of the saddest things that happened last week when Econet announced that it had set aside $10m to help with support to buy medicines and materials, was the number of suppliers, and even officials in some of the affected municipalities who tried to defraud our company by offering things at highly inflated prices!

Gloves worth $3, were suddenly worth $65!

That is just so pathetic!

I have told my people to prepare lists of anyone who willfully tries to exploit the situation. After this crisis is over we will go after them on this platform. Naming and shaming them.

This was to be expected and at a time of crisis, it’s beyond shameful that someone would try to maximise their profits. This also begs the question of whether the Cholera crowdfund that was opened by the government will actually serve its purpose;

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  1. Anonymous

    How does the system allow responsible authorities to exploit a genuine crisis? Instead enhancing the effort of Econet – some are looking to exploit the situation to their advantage. There is need to fear God and behave in correct way.

  2. bmashcom

    Its no surprise that the money was likely to be abused

  3. Anonymous

    Anyone irregardless of what party should be held accountable. This is sad. I hope noone politicise this

    1. Malcolm X

      Regardless , no such word as irregardless

  4. Anonymous

    Expose those idiots

  5. Anonymous

    This is sad.

  6. Anonymous

    Thats an abomination. Kusanyara

  7. Anonymous

    paicharova hama dzavo ndoopavachaona kuti ma1

  8. Anonymous

    I hope they are all exposed and sent to jail cause they have been exploiting the poor for a long time now

  9. Anonymous


  10. Anonymous

    Hi Strive
    This aid will really help why don’t you get ur own people to deal with it,get some support from the govt but mostly make sure people u trust are handling 90% of the funds…again no disrespect but u obviously aware of the current govt,its corrupt and selfish yet mainly and mostly greedy….some people only care about themselves..

  11. TheKing

    This was bound to happen. It’s a culture problem. I have heard statements like “Unotarisawo face yemunhu usati waCharger” meaning you judge a person before you charge, if they look like they have money, you charge more. It happens everyday, nothing new

  12. Anonymous

    honestly this is so sad how do people do that if only we could have more people like Strive who can stand up for corruption Zimbabwe can be a better place hope they all rot in jail …..