Reactions To Mthuli Ncube’s Appointment As The New Finance Minister

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Mthuli Ncube

So Chinamasa is no more, he’s no longer the country’s Finance Minister, a post which he held from 2013 to yesterday. His replacement who was appointed yesterday is Professor Mthuli Ncube.  As many people are putting it, Professor Mthuli Ncube is a technocrat whom Zimbabwe really needs in the Ministry of Finance.  Just going through social media platforms you can see how upbeat people are with his appointment. I have just selected a few reactions people had when news reached them that we now have Professor Mthuli Ncube as our Finance Minister.


Fadzayi Mahere‏ @advocatemahere 16h16 hours ago


Prof @MthuliNcube has the credentials to take us out of this economic quagmire. Let’s hope they give him the latitude to make tough decisions so we can get out of this hole. His approach to the monetary crisis & bond notes will tell us a lot. For now, let’s keep hope alive.

Alex T Magaisa  🇿🇼‏ @Wamagaisa 16h16 hours ago


Mthuli Ncube is a big name. An accomplished scholar, his intellectual pedigree is not in doubt. A bit of trouble mid-2000s is unfortunate. But my old boss Morgan Tsvangirai had great respect for him & would have asked him to run the central bank if he had been allowed to govern.

mmatigari‏ @matigary 17h17 hours ago


Dead wood – out. Corrupt Supa Mandiwanzira – out. Mthuli Ncube – I didn’t want him in cabinet, but ED is convinced. A fairly different cabinet from Mugabe’s. Now let’s get back to work. Also we must mark their homework.

Hopewell Chin’ono‏ @daddyhope 17h17 hours ago


I am so happy that Finance has been given to @MthuliNcube. I hope the next step is removing the RBZ Governor. Unless one is a perennial mourner, this is a decent cabinet we have had for years. Good luck to them @ZimMediaReview @sure_kamhunga @TrevorNcube @matigary @UduguNation

There was quite some public demand for Prof Mthuli Ncube to be appointed Minister of Finance because of his impressive technocratic global experience in finance &economics.President ED vakati Mthuli pfee!#Edndozvo

Dear has done the unthinkable i will give credit where its due appointing Mthuli Ncube & Kirsty Coventry these are appointments that deserve the roles & present a good image for the country. I look forward to Mthuli Ncube getting rid of bond notes asap!

Must applaud ED on the make up of the new cabinet! Given the need for a balancing act among competing interests this is a big step forward. A big step towards gender balance.The appointment of Dr.Mthuli Ncube is the surest signal that radical economic reforms are coming!

Finally we have real pedigreed quantitative Economist. We had become weary of unsubstatiated hypothetical $15bn calculations which do not tally with any economic fundamental. All the best .

Simba Nyamadzawo‏ @SimbaNyamadzawo 3m3 minutes ago


Dear Hon Prof Mthuli Ncube @MthuliNcube cc @Zimra_11 please revise the Finance Act and see to it that the tax heads and thresholds for small companies are different from those of big companies. Do something Professor. Ndokutembai. SN

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  1. Worried

    Question is are decisions made in government or politburo… The first thing fine was buy cars for chiefs…. Was that budgeted