MyCash Now Offers Payroll Services

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

The payroll processing arena has got a new entrant now, that is, MyCash. Processing payrolls will see MyCash process salaries of other companies employees and also administer the associated taxes of the processed salaries.

MyCash’s payroll service is its one way of broadening its appeal to its customers, more so, its enterprise customers. I think venturing into payroll processing, MyCash wants to utilize its growing customer base of enterprises. Or it could be expecting this customer base to increase. Getting back to MyCash’s ‘ broadening appeal’ point, it recently introduced a service which allows its customers to make RTGS transfers with their MyCash accounts.

Whilst payroll services are done by many seasoned organizations in Zimbabwe like Paynet, MyCash’s payroll service seem to be taking on the EcoCash Payroll service which was introduced in 2013.

In its quest for success, obviously, a large customer base of enterprises is necessary for MyCash to be in a strong position to compete with seasoned payroll processors and gain market share. But I would like to believe that the market is stagnant or shrinking gradually given that many companies are going under in Zimbabwe. At the same time, the market can become one giant of a market if many businesses formalize their operations in Zimbabwe. However, this is far fetched. As it is 60% of Zimbabwe’s economy is informal.


  1. Nice

    Actually m6 cash is even better than ecocash… Plus it’s easy to sign up just an ID with instant card and mobile banking… Plus a superb app…I got the card and after 6 months or so my workers and family on it… They already had paynet integration and zipit… The RTGS was a bonus… All I have to do is transfer a lump-sum on to my card then pay my workers and family at next to nothing…

  2. The Strategist

    It’s called Disruptive Innovation and these guys are doing an excellent job by creating an ecosystem which will enable them to control transactions from the time money is paid by the employer only to be spent within the same ecosystem and even more . I can only say Bravo …..