Google Maps Now Making It Easier To Plan As A Group For An Outing

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Group dinners or outings can be a drag. Not because your friends and family are terrible, but because deciding on a place to go can be such a struggle. But Google Maps latest feature called group planning will allow users to plan where to go to eat or hang out as a group.

How it works

To use this new feature, according to its its its blog post, users will have to long press on any place in the map, add it to a shortlist (a small floating bubble on the side of the screen) and then share it with friends with whom you plan to take the trip through any messaging platform.

All participants added to a group will be able to add or remove additional places, and if things still remain undecided, the group can even call for a vote (with a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”) to choose the final place.

So that settles it. Finally, we can make plans with our friends without having to hear about how we picked the place that none of us like.

Google has just started rolling out the feature to Android and iOS devices but it’s being rolled out in a phased manner, meaning than some devices have it already and some will have to wait for some days.